Sunday, March 20, 2016

Martsang Pangdangal: Philippine Graduation March

I still remember my graduation day when I was in Grade IV joining the Grade VI graduates of Poblacion Elementary School due to lack number of Grade VI graduates. I could not forget the melody of graduation march that day. It was Aida's March that was also used when we graduated Grade VI in Poblacion Elementary School, School Year 1980-1981.

And now as posted in DepED Tambayan, it is now called Martsang Pandangal for Philippine Graduation March. Because it is commonly used in many public and private schools in the Philippines, DepED strongly suggests it as a Philippine Graduation March in all public schools. 

When I hit the play button, I heard its sound exactly the same with Aida's March. The only difference; however; is the compilation which is free from disconnection as I experienced in many graduations using Aida's March. Martsang Pandangal sounds one music though it's repeatedly played in this compilation.

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