Sunday, April 24, 2016

Moore: I would strongly suggest that shall be downloaded to those schools that have already Landbank passbook account

In the final day of BEAM Workshop on School-Based Management Schowcasing, Sir Moore, PSDS of Indanan South District stood before Ma'am Ina Aquino and Asec for Academics, Mr. Marjuni Maddi saying, "I would strongly suggest that shall be downloaded to those schools that have already Landbank passbook account."

PSDS Moore was so certain that every school in ISD had already Landbank passbook account as advised by him since the previous years.

The 2-day workshop was held at Grand Regal Hotel, Davao City from April 22-23, 2016. It dealt more on coming up with SBM practices that would fit DepED-ARMM based on DepED Order No. 83 s. 2012. The category of the participants were Public Schools District Supervisors/Districts In-Charge and Elementary School Principals. Most of the PSDS/DIC were DSLP graduates of SEAMEO-Innotech. There were 10 DSLP scholars present in the SBM Showcasing. BEAM facilitators distributed thick copies of DO No. 83 s. 2012 to each participant and Ma'am Ina Aquino advised to read the documents thoroughly for it would be the basis of the discussion and brainstorming over the criteria in choosing schools to be the grantees of SBM financial assistance.

183 slots, regionwide are to be distributed to the entire schools division of the DepED-ARMM as reported by Asec for Academics and Ma'am Ina Aquino. It was finally agreed in the session hall that every participant regardless of positions should already be a recipient of SBM 30 thousand grant intended for Brigada Eskwela 2016. A recipient would be expected per district. In the event a district has school head attended this workshop, that district would have two slots. District head would recommend one school to be recipient of the Brigada Eskwela grant.

PIR Workshop on SBM will be conducted before election. It will be the finalization of criteria for SBM grantees. PSDS Moore made the above-mentioned suggestion because Ma'am Ina Aquino revealed that the grant would be in terms of materials. 

Sir Moore raised again his hand suggesting for some criteria like preparation of school proposal for the conduct of Brigada Eskwela with the attachment of the list of officers that composed the set up participated by stakeholders.

Ma'am Ina Aquino informed PSDS Moore that he should be one of those participants in the forthcoming workshop. BEAM-ARMM proposed to utilized those DSLP graduates of SEAMEO-Innotech and NQESH passers in coming up with criteria for SBM as well as it modification. However, memo was not yet finalized.

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