Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Sir Sam: ISD's Fortune for Chain Promotion

PSDS Moore is so certain of the promotion of 14 school administrators in Indanan South District in a sense that naural vacancies for school heads from district supervisor position down to head teacher position are accurately enough once DepED Secretary, Dr. John A. Magno considers the pertinent papers for chain promotion personally submitted to his generous office last February 19, 2016 by the Public Schools District Supervisor, Samoore "Moore or Sam" S. Ladjahali escorted by Faisal A. Kadil, Head Teacher III of Pasil Elementary School, Alyasir A. Hussam, TIC of Poblacion Elementary School and Annex, Masdida M. Sarabi, TIC of Timbangan Elementary School and Suharto S. Alpha, LET-passer Volunteer Teacher of Manilop Primary School. Submission of the requred documents for promotion reached the Office of the DepED Secretary based on his advice to Sir Sam, PSDS of Indanan South District during the previous conduct of TACE, Teaching Demo and Interview for the Teaching Applicants held at the Office of the DPWH, Jolo, Sulu.

PSDS Moore was already promoted to supervisor position last July 10, 2015 after  Hji. Abdulgafor J. Madjaluddin, ISD Supervisor mandatorily retired from the service. So, Faisal A. Kadil, Head Teacher III of Pasil Elementary School will vice the newly-promoted PSDS and Alyasir A. Hussam, TIC of Poblacion ES will vice Faisal A. Kadil. Already promoted to Principal I is Hja. Nalda J. Muksan vice Hji. Asaali S. Jadjuli, retired Principal of Timbangan ES; therefore; head teacher III position formerly occupied by Hja. Nalda J. Muksan will go to Faijal I. Andan, TIC of Sapah Malawm and Sapie Primary Schools. Kerwin C. Asid, promoted to Principal II formerly occupied principal position of ISD; certainly; Masdida M. Sarabi, TIC of Timbangan ES will take that principal position. Filomena D. Sappari was a retired Principal of Panglima Mammah ES and her principal position goes to Melda I. Adug, Head Teacher III of Mukammali ES then Nagdar U. Sasapan, TIC of Panglima Misuari and Cmdr. Bara Jalaidi Primary Schools is appropriate for the head teacher III position of Melda I. Adug. Sitti Palman I. Mohammad was another retired principal of Panglima Indanan Central School; so; Jurmainna H. Hunding, Head Teacher III of Bunot Elementary School and Annexes will vice that principal position and Andrada M. Asid, TIC of Panglima Indanan Central School will apply the head teacher III position of Jurmainna H. Hunding. Dr. Joel A. Alamia, installed as Division Coordinator for ArPan and applicant for Education Program Supervisor currently occupies principal position of ISD; henceforth; Mussah A. Arabain, Head Teacher III of Panglima Ahajan ES will replace Dr. Alamia when his promotion will be approved and another TIC, Delda A. Jamiri will occupy head teacher III position of Mussah A. Arabain. Josefina S. Ajijul, Master Teacher I is officially designated as School Caretaker of Panglima Mammah ES; therefore being a Master Teacher; she shall be reclassified or promoted to Principal I and her Master Teacher I position shall be occupied by Anariza J. Hussam, Teacher II and Grade 6 Adviser of Panglima Indanan CS.

Sir Moore apologized before the DepED Secretary, Dr. John A. Magno concerning the delayed pertinent papers of Mussah A. Arabain, Faijal I. Andan, Masdida M. Sarabi, Nagdar U. Sasapan and Delda A. Jamiri. The P|SDS promised to bring those required documents for promotions later. Hectic mode of the school heads caused time constraint for the applicants to prepare the said pertinent papers.

"Now, the folders are already in you hands, Sir" PSDS Sam asserted. "It's now up for you to schedule it how our school heads will be promoted" Sir Moore continued. "Yes, your advice to me was to send it thru LBC but we decided to bring it to your noble office personally" Sir Sam added.

"Doubtfully, I have no trust if it is thru LBC" the Secretary responded. "Let's be frank now; I will sign these after election anticipating that election ban will not exempt us, DepED. Just continue showing utmost loyalty and support to our institution or agency" Sir John encouragingly uttered.

It is an attitude of the PSDS not to force his superior to decide on his request no matter its motive is for the benefit of school leadership, school performance and motivation for instructional leaders towards the attainment of school vision and mission. Sir Sam and his colleagues were so delighted and heartily grateful for the mutual and harmonious relationship show by Sir Dr. John A. Magno to them. To the feeling of ISD school heads, the Sec would not disappoint their desire for promotion in so far as their performance in their respective stations is concerned.

In addition, DepED-ARMM Secretary vowed to shape ISD into model one. It's an amazing fortune for the ISD personnel to have Secretary's plan how they would be a good pattern in Indanan, Sulu. Sir John's plan would surely possible because ISD heads and personnel are so hardworking and patient. They are able to remain waiting for the decision of their superiors until it's too late for they, all know that superior's decision is a blessing. Blessing is the secret helper of them in any situations they encounter as leaders, managers and providers of education services for the entire children.

Furthermore, Regional DepED Secretary always wants ISD heads beside him because he could hardly feel worried, anxious, hatred, unsecured and doubtful the moment he is with his teachers and personnel from ISD.

PSDS Sam treats Sir John as his elder brother. Thus, Sir Moore did not use any persons to back him up for his promotion. It's very clear even to the former Secretary, Sir Jamar M. Kulayan who is also a good friend and brother-like of the PSDS. Sir Sam also shows his desirable attitude and behavior to all his school administrators and personnel how to obey, respect and treat superior in a manner of religion propagated Mohammad (SAW). Hence, all DepED officials from Regional Office down to the Division Office appear close to ISD. Out of this closeness, help manifests in the construction of ISD Office, school building and WatSan construction, painting of the classrooms, SBM grant, hiring of ISD LET passers and many other programs, sending to special training and workshops and projects implemented in ISD schools. All of these things can be fortunately considered promotion of ISD. As CI Champions, let's CONTINUE the IMPROVEMENT.

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