Sunday, April 24, 2016

Sir Sam: Lakbay Aral 2016 of DepED personnel and BLGU is blessing

Blessing journey among school heads and BLGU officials in the Lakbay Aral 2016 came of the mouth of Sir Sam, PSDS of Indanan South District when he was firstly called in by Asec for Special Programs and Project, Mr. Alfhadar Pajiji to share insights, reflections or significance of the team while having been done with school visit to Maribulan Elementary School, Sarangani Province and to Organic Farm in Panabo City located between Davao City and Tagum City.

Sir Moore added that he did not experience this company since his entry to DepED in 1989. There were 16 barangays of Indanan Municipality identified to join the said Lakbay Aral as approved by Regional DepED-ARMM Secretary, Dr. John A. Magno to be spearheaded by Asec for Special Programs and Projects, Mr. Alfhadar Pajiji. It was: 1. Barangay Timbangan; 2. Barangay Sawaki; 3. Barangay Tagbak; 4. Barangay Jati' Tunggal; 5. Barangay Bud Taran; 6. Barangay Katian; 7. Barangay Sionogan; 8. Barangay Bangalan; 9. Barangay Lambayong; 10. Barangay Kandang Tukay; 11. Barangay Bato-Bato; 12. Barangay Buanza; 13. Barangay Kajatian; 14. Barangay Panabuan; 15. Barangay Licup; and 16. Barangay Malimbaya'. It was based on Regional Memorandum No. 125 s. 2016.

On the arrival of 18-van participants from Sulu and Tawi-Tawi, pre-orientation was conducted in the dining room of Em Manor Hotel, Cotabato City where Asec Pajiji stressed that school in Sarangani Province was chosen as the route of the Lakbay Aral 2016 because there's maximum collaboration of the schools and BLGUs. It's truly a blessing in a sense that before reaching the targe venue of the Lakbay Aral, BLGUs and DepED officials already walked hand in hand along the national highway of Zamboanga City, Zamboanga Sibugay, Pagadian City, Cotabato City, General Santos City, Sarangani Province, Davao City and Panabo City. Collaboration starts with giving time, persons and then wealth for togetherness. It suggests right place which doe not belong to anyone of them. It's hard to begin unless the rendezvous of the journey entices the interest of each one of the members of the group. Talks on issues and concerns should be minimized rather mixed emotions of joy and challenges should manifest for every comrade.

Lakbay Aral is not to find fault for ourselves. It is unveiling of best practices done by the stakeholders in the place routed by the participants. Let's bring back home what we saw that we have in our locality. We should not focus on things we do not have because it may disperse us from the right way. If we discovered amazing things on their part, take down under your 'aha' notes. It's a hidden one disclosed to you for your own silence how it will happen in the course of endeavor towards productive collaboration in our school community.

As we left our homes, we set ourselves into one mission, one journey and one accommodation. It caused us all reach our expectation in a very safe way. We observed that there was no discrimination nor partition to divide us participants of the Lakbay Aral except for the sufficient accommodation of ourselves in hotel and transportation. We did all of these things during our recent tour to the place where we do not belong but still we felt so great and respected in the eyes of the people. It's a Divine Plan destined to every one of us, members of the Lakbay Aral 2016. It is what the PSDS said 'blessing'. If we sustain it, whatever issues and concerns that we encounter along the path of collaboration, in sha Allah, The One Who Has Power Over All Things will provide us more energy, wisdom and life-sustaining resources to make all of those obstacles contributing to our vision and mission as education stakeholders of the DepED-ARMM.

Let's hope again for having the presence of our Sec and Asec the moment we will start to set again ourselves as we return to our station like what we already did in our 5-Day Journey. Embrace well the blessing that we  have now and sow it in our locality. Sec and Asec are on the go to be with us soon.

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