Thursday, May 19, 2016

Indanan MBOC Proclaims Mayors and 8 Councilors

Despite the many challenges encountered, the Municipal Board Of Canvassers was able to proclaim the following winning candidates for mayor, vice mayor and eight councilors of Indanan Municipality last May 12, 2016:

1. Hermot D. Jikiri- Mayor
2. Salip Alan-Nahier S. Jainal - Vice Mayor

New Mayor-Elect, Hermot D. Jikiri

Unopposed new Vice Mayor-Elect, Salip Alan-Nahier S. Jainal


1. Hja. Rohelyn Sawadjaan
2. Myrna Hamsail
3. Ferdausai Muksan
4. Bassal Amil
5. Hja. Kumalah Ibrahim
6. Darwin T. Askali
7. Datu' Halun Amilussin
8. Dady Haiver

8 Newly-proclaimed Municipal Councilors of Indanan
The MBOC was composed of: 1. Acting Election Officer, Hja. Lilia A. Gaspar; 2. Lorna L. Napigquit, Municipal Treasurer; 3. Samoore S. Ladjahali, Public Schools District Supervisor of Indanan South District; 4. Nursalyn S. Muammil, CCS Operator and District ICT Coordinator of Indanan North District and 3 RCG from the Office of the COMELEC.

On May 9, 2016 around 3:00 PM, the MBOC convened at SB Hall, Pasil, Indanan, Sulu with the presence of all paralegals and watchers coming from the different parties of the candidates. Unfortunately, the CCS laptop did not successfully load the initialization until it was tested for many hours. There were two contingency laptop issued from the Office of the COMELEC to CCS Operator, Ms. Nursalyn S. Muammil. However, it had the same problems as the first contingency laptop having 'insert memory card' appeared on the screen.

CCS Operator found unsuccessful loading for initialization
Both contingency CCS laptop prompted the same command
 Provincial Smartmatic Technician was requested to be at SB Hall for the troubleshooting of the first contingency CCS laptop. Troubleshooting was unsuccessful; hence; she contacted her boss in Manila whose judgement was damage on the software due to change of memory card done by the CCS Operator. Yet, Nursalyn S. Muammil, CCS Operator asked the EO about the manual how to proceed as she encounter 'insert memory card' appearing on the screen.

The EO read the manual that told to change the memory card by the old one went with the firstly issued CCS laptop. It was also the knowledge of the CCS Operator gained from the training in Zamboanga City. Again, second contingency CCS laptop was sent from the Office of the COMELEC.

"Stand by muna, Ma'am" DepED Member-Secretary suggested when the same command appeared on the screen thinking that CCS Operator from DepED might be blamed if damage of software would happen again.

"Gather the PNP" abruptly commanded by the MBOC Chairman. She went down the stairs and rode in a PNP Mobile Jeep.

Acting EO tried to find out the problem of the CCS laptops.
MBOC Chairman picked up Acting EO assigned in Pangutaran to troubleshoot the 3 CCS laptops. It was found out that SD cards were damaged. Pronouncement of the damaged SD cards were done in the presence of all paralegals and watchers of all parties. Ma'am Gaspar went to Jolo at night planning to contact Manila about the problem.
In the following of May 10, 2016, Chairman declared that the CCS laptop should be brought to Sta. Rosa, Laguna for reconfiguration.

Resumption of MBOC
MBOC resumed canvassing as the Chairman went home from Sta. Rosa, Laguna via Wessam Express from Zamboanga City. Mashallah, 3 SD cards showed no data in the newly-configured CCS laptop. . . 2 precincts from Barangay Poblacion and 1 precinct from Barangay Kajatian. The number of votes in 3 SD cards were 1,664. As carefully inspected by all paralegals, watchers and MBOC members, number 8 and 9 councilors would not be affected by those number of votes in the 3 defective SD cards. Thus, lowering of the threshold was agreed to be done. After a while, proclamation of mayor, vice mayor and 8 councilors occurred in the SB Hall, Pasil, Indanan, Sulu.

CCS Operator printing canvass reports
Printing of canvass reports was agreed to be continued in the Office of the COMELEC, Jolo, Sulu. When it reached the national level, printing could no longer be pushed through. 3 no-data SD cards hindered the printing for the National Level. MBOC suffered for two days. Those 3 SD cards were in re-zero mode suspected by the COMELEC. Alhamdulillah, Manila approved the grant of re-feeding by the BEIs assigned in two precincts of Barangay Poblacion and one precinct in Barangay Kajatian. The MBOC DepED Member-Secretary investigated those assigned BEIs why re-zero was done yet it was thoroughly advised for several times in the training and briefing except during FTS (Final Testing and Sealing). Besides, Printed bigger fonts pasted over the machine was clearly noticeable. BEIs responded that there were other BEIs conveying the message that they were not allowed to close the voting unless it had the presence of Smartmatic Technician and the Smartmatic Technician advised them to re-zero the VCM.

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