Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Jurmainna H. Hunding: Nearly completed except flush doors and windlow jealousie blades

Head Teacher 3 of Bunot Elementary School and Annexes posted in her Facebook Wall over an update of the 2-classroom school building construction under the finance of BEFF sponsored by BEAM-ARMM and DepED-ARMM. Of the 5 recipient schools of BEFF school building, Bunot Elementary School was last to have layout done by the contractor. However, it appears nearly completed like what the school head posted in her FB Wall. It may be because of the strong involvement of Barangay Chairperson, Hon. Darwin T. Askali who is 6th winning candidate for the councilor of Indanan Municipality. Apah Bani, donor of the school site is also active in the proper arrangement of the school building constructed in Bunot Elementary School.

As mentioned by Ma'am Jurmainna, only flush doors and jealousie blades for the windows were not yet installed after 105-day period of construction. The school  head of Bunot ES still remain sure for the completion of the construction in accordance with the plan and specification. She learned very well from the recent construction meeting presided by Pagal A. Asdi, Division Support Staff for Physical Facilities that the contractor could not be blamed because of the delayed funds given to the contractor.

Bunot Elementary School looks very challenging school. The PSDS faced many challenges in his time as TIC of this school in 2006. He did only a step in Bunot ES out many diverse challenges. It was the re-opening of Grade 3 class which stopped almost half decade. Hardship was not the main reason why Sir Sam surrendered it to ISD District In-Charge, Hji. Masihul S. Sajili until he accepted the designation as Temporary District Caretaker approved by SDS, Hji. Delfin M. Unga. Sir Moore suggested Jurmainna H. Hunding to head the challenging school. Likewise, 7-seater WatSan was also constructed in Bunot ES.

Alhamdulillah, Jurmainna showed much potential in improving this school that's why she also deserved for promotion to head teacher 3. In her time, Bunot shines throughout Indanan South District, DepED-Sulu Division and even to DepED-Regional Office of Sir Dr. John A. Magno, DepED-ARMM Secretary. Thus, school building construction was alloted to Bunot ES. DepED-ARMM Secretary also included her as one of the six recipient schools of SBM grant.

Facebook account of Bunot ES shows more accomplishments of school heads, teachers, learners, parents and community members and officials. All offices concerned are updated particularly in the construction of 2-classroom school building since the start date until it reaches its 'nearly-completed status'.

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