Monday, May 23, 2016

MUKAMMALI ES: First to sign certificate of turn-over and completion

Melda I. Adug, Head Teacher 3 of Mukammali Elementary School was first to sign Certificate of Turn-over and Completion of the 4-classroom school building under BEFF (Basic Education Facilities Fund) in partnership with BEAM-ARMM and DepED-ARMM last April 2, 2016. The PTA officers and community members of Mukammali, Sitio of Barangay Langpas were proud of the 4-classroom BEFF school building approved to them by Dr. John A. Magno, Secretary of DepED-ARMM. They failed not to provide time and efforts in carrying out the construction until its completion.

Of the 5 BEFF school building recipient schools in Indanan, Mukammali ES is second to the last having layout and proper start of the construction. It might be because the contractor wass different from the other four construction sites.

Turn-over and acceptance was witnessed by the PTA officers and community members of Mukammali ES. Melda I. Adug, Head Teacher 3 of the school affixed her signature using the simple table donated by the PTA.

Signing of Certificate of Turn-over and Completion looked amazing in a sense that many contractors, CSO personnel and some DepED officials felt doubtful for the safety and security of the construction for the reason Mukammali situated in a nearly far-flung area. Sir Sam, PSDS of Indanan South District always defend the apprehension of those people propagating speculation yet they do not even visit the school even once.

Mukammali ES was one of the annexes of Sir Moore when he was TIC of Bunot PS and Annexes in 2006. He established school office in Bunot PS but his intention was to elevate Mukammali PS into complete elementary status. He gave it up to the newly-installed TIC, Melda I.  Adug when Sir Sam, TIC was designated Temporary District Caretaker last April 2007 to June 21, 20007. Deed of Donation of the school site manifested at his time as a requirement for the construction of 4-classroom school building. Check for the funding of the school was already available until it was lapsed without valid and detailed reasons of the non-implementation of the project.

Alhamdulillah, time came to justify the promise of former TIC of Mukammali ES. Perhaps, Sir John A. Magno was the destined person to put the project into reality.

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