Thursday, May 26, 2016

Sir Moore to Chief Carpenter: Flush door shall be changed to glass

Sir Sam stopped the Chief Carpenter from filling the flooring of the ISD Office with 60 x 60 cm granite tiles until flush door wood would be changed to glass in so far as fully air-conditioning of the office is concerned. This flush door made of wood and its door jump would be used in the stock room constructed outside of the left side. District Staff, school heads and teachers strongly suggested for air-con instead of electric fans. Accordingly, electric fan does not also have sense in time of brownout. Sir Moore was fully convinced with the use of air-con but the flush door should be changed to glass so that people passing by outside still believe there are office workers inside though its door is close.

Newly-renovated inner portion of ISD Office after concrete panel made a partition from Indanan North District Office

At 1:00 PM this 26th day of May, 2016, PSDS Moore escorted by  his better half visited RGL Aluminum & Glass, Veterans Ave., Zamboanga City to canvass the glass for in-and-out flush door. He had been in this store a week before May 9 Election when the Sales Lady told him the price of P 9,500.00 for standard flush door. Sir Moore promised to come back as he would get the exact measurement of the door.

At this time, ISD PSDS told the sales lady the exact measurement, "35 x 82 inches, Ma'am." "The height and width of door jump is not yet included in that size" Sir Sam added.

The sales lady rose and moved to desktop and permitted Sir Sam to take picture of the office made of glass. After a while, she returned and sat on the front desk saying, "The price, Sir is P 10, 400.00."

I  had been here last 3rd week of April, 2016 and another sales lady assured me it's only P 9,500.00" Sir Moore explained.

The Sales Lady smiled and finally concluded it's the fix price because the store would also  hire someone to build box for the safety of the glass before it would be delivered to Jolo via M/V Kristel Jane.

The Sales Lady handed small sample glasses and asked, "Which color do you prefer, Sir?" The PSDS preferred brown color which is in his hand. Then he advised the Sales Lady to make the handle and door jump brown, too.

"What style of handle do you prefer, Sir?" asked the Sales Lady. She walked with Sir Moore to the door of their office.

"For what is that flush door, Sir. . . for residential or office?" confirmed by the Sales Lady.

"It's for office, Ma'am" PSDS answered.

"Usually, it's horizontal style for office, Sir" replied by the Sales Lady. PSDS Moore agreed.

"Prepare OR, Ma'am" Sir Sam requested.

"Of course, Sir" Sales Lady assured. "Let's agree, Sir. Payment for the shipment and others in the wharf is still charge for you" Sales Lady added. "Just give your contact number so that I can call you and give the amount for shipment before the delivery" she ended.

Sir Moore put out his PRC ID and gave it to Sales Lady including his cellular phone number. Madam (Sir Sam's Better half) handed P 11,000.00 to the PSDS for the payment of glass door. The Sales Lady gave the OR to Sir Moore and promised that it would be delivered after a week.

The PSDS was about to order the door glass last week but his relative, Engineer Lim advised him to contact his son and friends for the construction and installation of door glass establishing office in Barangay San Raymundo so that delivery from Zamboanga would not be a burden.

It's almost a week the PSDS contacted Moiser, son of Engineer. The reason was doubtful. His friends had no time to visit the district office to inspect the place of the door-closer and the exact size of the door. Yet, Sir Moore observed that Chief Carpenter is not experienced for that kind of door installation. So, he decided to proceed to RGL Aluminum & Glass this afternoon thinking that Moiser and his friends would be hired for the installation as the door glass would arrive from Zamboanga City.

Budget for this door glass is taken from district monthly MOOE. Sir Dr. John A. Magno, DepED-ARMM Secretary gave additional financial assistance to Sir Moore at amount of P 100,000.00 but it was already utilized for the partition of the ground, construction of flooring and 2 columns of the gate, construction of male-female restrooms, stock room and granite tiles for the flooring of the main office. Sir Moore is so committed to spend the district monthly MOOE for the beautification of ISD Office because it was an advice of Sir John.

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