Thursday, May 19, 2016

Sir Sam: ISD PSDS has identified 12 teachers successfully passed LET

Sir Sam, the PSDS of Indanan South District browsed the List of LET Passers Results March, 2016. He has identified 11 teachers of whom 11 are volunteer teachers and 1 provisional teacher. Among the LET passers are specifically recognized in the following names:

1. Abdielraffy S. Jubail, Volunteer Teacher of Pasil Elementary School
2. Dullina I. Hamsinain, Volunteer Teacher of Palan Elementary School
3. Elmelyn M. Julasiri, Volunteer Teacher of Pobalcion Elementary School
4. Embraida N. Abdurasad, Volunteer Teacher of Mukammali Elementary School
5. Jarna M. Ujaji, Sister of Teacher I of Pasil Elementary School
6. Kerda T. Julmajid, Volunteer Teacher of Panglima Ahajan Elementary School
7. Marwa M. Nasang, Provisional Teacher of Palan Elementary School
8. Nurmihar J. Mustali, Volunteer Teacher of Bunot Elementary School
9. Nurunnihar J. Jalain, Volunteer Teacher of Timbangan Elementary School
10. Olga I. Mohammad, Volunteer Teacher of Dayuan Primary School
11. Ruhil A. Ajuji, Volunteer Teacher of Manilop Primary School
12. Sherwin I. Nuron, Volunteer Teacher of Pasil Elementary School

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