Wednesday, June 29, 2016

ISD First Policy Meeting 2016

Revival of those long lost DepED policies and thrust which are still in the mandate of Philippine education system were the focused topics of the First Policy Meeting 2016 done inside the newly-renovated district office of Indanan South District thru the sincere finance of DepED-ARMM Secretary, Dr. John A. Magno. Happened first was the assignment of 2 teaching loads to those designated district coordinators like Jahaddi J. Taulani attached to Panglima Mammah Elementary School, Naser L. Assil connected with Kasmabuhan Village Elementary School and Sharifa Mharrojeane A. Alih listed in the name of Poblacion Elementary School.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

OPCR and IPCR Instead of PASSA and PAST

As stressed by the facilitators today, June 28, 2016, Sulu-DepED was still using PASSA (Performance Appraisal System for School Administrators) and PAST (Performance Appraisal System for Teachers) to reflect performance rating of division-district leaders, school heads and teachers. DepED Conference Hall, Jolo, Sulu was filled with district heads and coordinators attended the SPMS (Strategic Performance Management System) Orientation which lasted almost whole day. The orientation was done with the presence of the Schools Division Superintendent, Dr. Tim J. Undain, FRIEdr. and her promotional staff.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Shortcut Road to Classroom Transformation for Quality Instruction

Learning is best practiced by doing. As learning facilitator, the teacher does not only teach but guide learners to explore their learning experiences how it will be connected to the new world where they are living in.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Reminding for Everyone on Matters of Education: Teacher's Prescribed Uniform

Indanan South District has schools in the far-flung areas which are away from the Indanan-Parang National Highway. For instance, Sapie Primary School headed by TIC, Faijal I. Andan and Cmdr. Bara Jalaidi Primary School headed by TIC, Nagdar U. Sasapan. PSDS Sam notice they did not wear teacher's prescribed uniform for the reason that they would just hike for several kilometers daily before they could reach their schools. Sometimes, their classroom teachers did the same.

Partially-completed Inner Portion of the ISD Office

Beautification of the Indanan South District began within the inner portion through the undying financial support of Dr. John A. Magno, DepED-ARMM Secretary. Of all the secretaries in the ARMM, only Sir Dr. John A. Magno sincerely made a decision to renovate ISD Office. It is his legacy that cannot be forgotten in the page of history of this district.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Cmdr. Bara Jalaidi PS Needs Immediate Renovation

Marjin J. Madjirul, Kindergarten Teacher
Cmdr. Bara Jalaidi Primary School is opening Kindergarten to Grade 3 Classes since the advent of first day of classes resumed last June 13, 2016. Unfortunately, classes are not formally held inside the classroom. It is conducted in many canopies of the local residents of Barangay Karawan. The old 2-classroom school building constructed last 2000 still suffers from roofless because of lack of timbers for trushes, purlins and many other materials to shelter the school children from the heat of the sun and rain. Hon. Aksan Maksan, the Barangay Chairman already advised the TIC and teachers to get the rough estimation of the needed materials. However, acquisition of those materials does not yet come to effect. It is, perhaps, due to delayed arrival of the barangay IRA (Internal Revenue Allocation).

P 13K Financial Assistance from AAI

Hji. Eufremio "Frem" N. Canaria, retired Education Program Supervisor and AAI Division Coordinator turned-over P 13,000.00 to PSDS Sam as voluntary donation of Albert Santoli, President of the Asia America Initiative. The cash donation was intended for the purchase of plastic water tank for Pasil Elementary School at the amount of P 7,000.00, P 4,000.00 for ISD water tank and P 2,000.00 for Bunot Elementary School water tank.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

The PSDS Appreciates Those Teachers Ready for Re-assignment

Sir Moore appreciated much those teaching personnel ready for re-assignment in compliance with the decision of Division Panel during Defense. Likewise, Sir Moore saluted those school heads having an influence over their teachers to obey the Division Panel's decision on the importance of teacher's re-assignment especially those who are pointed out as excess teachers. The best example for this is Faisal A. Kadil, Head Teacher III of Pasil Elementary School. He was first to deploy the excess teachers in his school though his information letter has not yet reached the Indanan South District Supervisor copy furnished to the Schools Division Superintendent.

Friday, June 17, 2016

NAGZMAR, the Re-discoverer of Cmdr. Bara Jalaidi PS

After 2000, Cmdr. Bara Jalaidi PS seemed to be Wanderer under the patron of veteran teacher, Marjin J. Madjirul. In 2015, Geo-taging photos reports found out Cmdr. Bara Jalaidi PS  not in its proper site. Geo-tagging did not accept its latitude and longitude measurement over the ground under the asylum of Panglima Ahajan Elementary School headed by Head Teacher III, Mussah A. Arabain, 

Sir Sam to Lugmah PS: Where is your school site?

Nearly-two-decade temporary relocation Lugmah Primary School is about 50 meters away from Indanan-Parang National Highway. Lugmah is a sitio of Barangay Bunot, Indanan, Sulu. One of the education agenda of the Public Schools District Supervisor of Indanan South District, Samoore S. Ladjahali for this year 2016 is install TIC (Teacher In-Charge) in every annex school and how those temporarily relocated schools return to its original school sites where Deed of Donation was lawfully granted. This agendum aims to prove that education service provider aids every barangay for economic recovery, poverty alleviation and stable peace and order circumstances.

Mukammali ES: Amazing School Band Out of Gulayan sa Paaralan

Mukammali Elementary School Head Teacher III, Melda I. Adug reported to the Public Schools District Supervisor how the school band in Mukammali ES came to happened. Gulayan sa Paaralan became abundant over the gardening area of Mukammali ES for the past 2 years. Fertile soil gave good harvest until the school was able to sell those crops in the market. Cash money gained from the selling of vegetables and crops were saved promptly. So, the teachers and learners were interested to grow more vegetables and crops in the school. The parents also helped their school children dig the garden plots. They planted variety of seedlings given by AAI President, Albert Santoli in partnership with Sulu-Departement of Agriculture.

School Heads Voluntarily Donated 17 Pieces of Armless Plastic Chairs to ISD Office

17 pieces of armless plastic chairs entered the Indanan South District Office a day before yesterday. It was the result of their individual contribution at the amount of P 500.00 per head. The PSDS just knew it when the school heads asked him to cash down P 500.00 that made him question the group is what the amount intended for. Amazingly answered, each of them need to have a seat in the district office especially in time of meeting and DLF (District Learning Forum).

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Request for Designation Order

PSDS Sam as commonly baptized by SDS, Dr. Tim J. Undain, FRIEdr prepared communication letter requesting Designation Order of 4 TICs: 1. Faijal I. Andan; 2. Nagdar U. Sasapan; 3. Delda J. Amdan; and 4. Kauzar I. Jawang.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

PSDS to TICs Holding Primary Schools: Elevate your schools into elementary status 5 years from now

Kauzar I. Jawang, TIC of Manilop Primary School
Before the Indanan South District school heads appeared in the 2016 Defense for the Tentative Assignment List of Personnel at Sulu-DepED Conference Hall, Jolo, Sulu last May 31, 2016, PSDS Sam motivated those TICs holding primary schools to plan for the elevation of their respective schools into complete elementary status after 5 years from now. There are 4 TICs, namely: 1. Faijal I. Andan, TIC of Sapah Malawm Primary School and Sapie Primary School; 2. Nagdar U. Sasapan, TIC of Panglima Misuari Primary School and Cmdr. Jalaidi Primary School; 3. Delda J. Amdan, TIC of Dayuan Primary School and Lugmah Primary School; and 4. Kauzar I. Jawang, TIC of Manilop Primary School. They were installed as TICs as strategy of the PSDS to deploy excess teachers to those schools that are really in need of teachers. Thus every TIC also handles advisory class.