Friday, June 24, 2016

Cmdr. Bara Jalaidi PS Needs Immediate Renovation

Marjin J. Madjirul, Kindergarten Teacher
Cmdr. Bara Jalaidi Primary School is opening Kindergarten to Grade 3 Classes since the advent of first day of classes resumed last June 13, 2016. Unfortunately, classes are not formally held inside the classroom. It is conducted in many canopies of the local residents of Barangay Karawan. The old 2-classroom school building constructed last 2000 still suffers from roofless because of lack of timbers for trushes, purlins and many other materials to shelter the school children from the heat of the sun and rain. Hon. Aksan Maksan, the Barangay Chairman already advised the TIC and teachers to get the rough estimation of the needed materials. However, acquisition of those materials does not yet come to effect. It is, perhaps, due to delayed arrival of the barangay IRA (Internal Revenue Allocation).

Sir Nagdar U. Sasapan, the TIC of the school submitted solicitation letter today to PSDS Moore. Sir Sam cannot immediately act on the letter in the name of co-chair of the Indanan Municipal School Board because his co-signatory is out of the province. IMSB has allotted 5% intended for school repair. It is amounting about P 9,000.00. The TIC reported that Cmdr. Bara Jalaidi Primary School is in need of 56 GI roofs. He is still waiting for the assistance of the Barangay Chairman. Accommodation of the Grade Class becomes a big problem of the school teachers. No more canopy can house the Grade 3 learners. Thus, they are now waiting for the renovation of the old building before they can attend their formal classes.

Cmdr. Bara Jalaidi Primary School is about 5 kilometers away from Panglima Ahajan Elementary School and Panglima Misuari Primary School, its main campus. It was relocated to Panglima Ahajan Elementary School many years ago because of treacherous peace and order circumstances. But this time, the school has a great chance to run its administration and supervision over providing education services to the hundred of school children in the far-flung Barangay Karawan as agreed through proper coordination and consultation with those barangay officials and other headmen in the locality.

In this connection, Sir Samoore S. Ladjahali, the Public Schools District Supervisor of Indanan South District calls the attention of everyone to join hand-in-hand alternative courses of actions how this Cmdr. Bara Jalaidi Primary School be provided immediate funds for the quick renovation of the old 2-classroom school building.


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