Friday, June 17, 2016

Mukammali ES: Amazing School Band Out of Gulayan sa Paaralan

Mukammali Elementary School Head Teacher III, Melda I. Adug reported to the Public Schools District Supervisor how the school band in Mukammali ES came to happened. Gulayan sa Paaralan became abundant over the gardening area of Mukammali ES for the past 2 years. Fertile soil gave good harvest until the school was able to sell those crops in the market. Cash money gained from the selling of vegetables and crops were saved promptly. So, the teachers and learners were interested to grow more vegetables and crops in the school. The parents also helped their school children dig the garden plots. They planted variety of seedlings given by AAI President, Albert Santoli in partnership with Sulu-Departement of Agriculture.

The teachers, the students and the parents came to an idea for the purchase of musical instruments particularly set of drums and lyres. They wanted students of Mukammali Elementary School learn how to play drums especiallly during United Nation Month, Buwan ng Wika and other school related activities. They also dreamed how could they join the District Meet parade with set of drums and lyres played by the students along the road.

What Mukammali ES teachers did was to contribute monthly hundred of pesos and saved it for the procurement of those musical instruments.

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