Friday, June 17, 2016

NAGZMAR, the Re-discoverer of Cmdr. Bara Jalaidi PS

After 2000, Cmdr. Bara Jalaidi PS seemed to be Wanderer under the patron of veteran teacher, Marjin J. Madjirul. In 2015, Geo-taging photos reports found out Cmdr. Bara Jalaidi PS  not in its proper site. Geo-tagging did not accept its latitude and longitude measurement over the ground under the asylum of Panglima Ahajan Elementary School headed by Head Teacher III, Mussah A. Arabain, 

The Head Teacher III of Panglima Ahajan Elementary School submitted this geo-tag photo to Sir Moore, containing latitude-longitude information obtained from an area where the school shack catering school children residing in Barangay Karawan, Indanan, Sulu. Sir Sam was so delightful to note the return of said primary school to its permanent settlement.
PSDS Sam designated Sir Nagdar U. Sasapan TIC of Panglima Misuari PS with Cmdr. Bara Jalaidi PS as annex. In the middle of Brigada Eskwela 2016 period, the TIC and Sir Marjin J. Madjirul began to lead their way to the school shack. As they arrived, they noticed occupants were inside the school shack. Occupants appealed to them that it would be better to transfer Cmdr. Bara Jalaidi PS to its proper donated school site.
Sir Marjin, could you no longer remember your school site? The TIC and his teacher could hardly find it. It took almost an hour for the two dedicated educators to rediscover the actual site of the school. At last, they did it, alhamdulillah.
Parents and school-age children were so to learn that Cmdr. Bara Jalaidi PS would come to life again. They rushed to clean the school surrounding with their bolos. NAGZMAR reported to the Barangay Chairperson, Aksan Maksan in the next day. Hon. Maksan was so proud of these diligent teachers. He advised them to estimate the expenses for the roofing and windows of the school.

REHAB is badly needed by Cmdr. Bara Jalaidi PS. Everyone is welcome to donate either in cash or in kind, efforts or time and persons or prayers.


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