Sunday, June 26, 2016

Reminding for Everyone on Matters of Education: Teacher's Prescribed Uniform

Indanan South District has schools in the far-flung areas which are away from the Indanan-Parang National Highway. For instance, Sapie Primary School headed by TIC, Faijal I. Andan and Cmdr. Bara Jalaidi Primary School headed by TIC, Nagdar U. Sasapan. PSDS Sam notice they did not wear teacher's prescribed uniform for the reason that they would just hike for several kilometers daily before they could reach their schools. Sometimes, their classroom teachers did the same.

Sir Moore discouraged those reasons. His concerned was on the safety of the teachers and their influence or even reminding everyone on matters of education. Their schools are situated in the areas where government troops and rebels used to meet for massive encounter. Either of the two warring groups can easily recognize them as good people if they wear the prescribed uniform for teaching and non-teaching personnel. Rangers of the Philippine Army used to hide in the bushes to take advantage over rebels in an ambush. Sir Moore is so concerned with his teachers and school heads running schools in the far-flung places. God's forbids. . . they might be misunderstood by both warring factions once they won't be in a prescribed uniforms.

In all circumstances, teacher must always be different in attire from civilian every Monday to Friday. Learners should be able to distinguish their teachers from parents walking or passing by the campus and vicinity of the schools. Some school children are fond of being late to attend their classes or do hide in some corners of the schools doing unnecessary tasks without connection to their lessons. They would automatically be running to their classes once they would see teacher in a prescribed uniform walking towards them. If the teacher looks just like a parent, students would not mind it.

School head is leading by example. Basically, it should be the school head first to show his teachers that wearing of prescribed uniform is a sign of being a good teacher. Teacher's uniform makes us aware of our duties and responsibilities as learning facilitators. Parents trust teachers for their school children to learn by just looking at the attire of a teacher.

Teacher's prescribed uniform can be a body protector of a teacher against evil thoughts and deeds. There was one teacher who were addict in gambling. Before he entered the gambling hall, he had to put off first his uniform. Because of shame, that teacher could not afford to play cards in the gambling room unless he changed first his attire.

It is a policy of the Division Office not to entertain teacher who is not in a prescribed uniform. District Office and School Office may do the same policy just to preserve the integrity and nobility of teaching profession. In Philippine setting, DepED has permitted teachers to wear casual attire during Friday for it is declared wash day. Sulu-DepED Division Office; however; does not permit teachers to transact official business unless the teacher is in a proper uniform. For us to be aware of always, District Office should implement that policy, too.

Teacher's prescribed uniform is very reminding. People who are neglectful of the significance of education would be reminded if they would see someone wearing teacher's prescribed uniform. Respect and superiority over other ordinary people could be gained through uniform.

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