Friday, June 17, 2016

Sir Sam to Lugmah PS: Where is your school site?

Nearly-two-decade temporary relocation Lugmah Primary School is about 50 meters away from Indanan-Parang National Highway. Lugmah is a sitio of Barangay Bunot, Indanan, Sulu. One of the education agenda of the Public Schools District Supervisor of Indanan South District, Samoore S. Ladjahali for this year 2016 is install TIC (Teacher In-Charge) in every annex school and how those temporarily relocated schools return to its original school sites where Deed of Donation was lawfully granted. This agendum aims to prove that education service provider aids every barangay for economic recovery, poverty alleviation and stable peace and order circumstances.

This morning, June 16, 2016, PSDS Moore escorted by District Property Custodian, Naser L. Assil led again the way to Lugmah Primary School, annex of Dayuan Primary School under the supervision of TIC, Delda J. Amdan. As he arrived in the school, Sir Sam waited for the dismissal of Kindergarten classes handled by Nursima K. Ajijun and Grade 1 classes under the advisership of Langka A. Palahuddin. This was first time of Sir Moore and Nas to see the actual school site of Lugmah Primary School. While tracing the pathway towards the school site, the PSDS noted only 4 houses along the way. Langka A. Palahuddin told him that those homeowners were not native of Lugmah Sitio but they came from barangay belonged to Maimbung Municipality for asylum because of family grudge in their district. There was a river which needs to be crossed before the PSDS team could reach the school site. Sir Moore asked the District Property Custodian to capture photos while strolling under many fruit-bearing trees and coconut trees until all of them sighted the river containing little flowing water. The team took many pictures in the river. Sir Moore did not see any fear on the faces of his team though there were no people sighted in the area. Smiling and wacky photos almost filled up the gallery of his Samsung Galaxy A5 2016.

As the team lifted their steps from the river, Sir Sam saw rectangular-shaped concreted building. It was a mosque where people living near the Indanan-Parang National Highway used to pray Jum’ah Prayer. Langka A. Palahuddin pointed the school donated site on left side of Masjid. She also led the PSDS to take a look at the remains of the old school constructed after Martial Law. Only the foundation of the column left. Sir Moor asked them to stand over the four columns for footage. Sir Sam also captured the entire perimeter of the school site. It seemed elevated surface by the left side of masjid. As Sir Moore asked who the donor was, Langka A. Palahuddin answered it was her grandfather. The PSDS estimated the donated school site looked not to meet the minimum land area intended for the school. He guessed it was only three thousand square meters. He told the team it should be, at least, ten thousand square meters. Langka A. Palahuddin assured for the possibility of additional land area because the nearby hectares of land surrounded the school site owned by the sisters and brothers of the donor.

After almost an hour ocular inspection of the school site, the team was back to temporary settlement of the Lugmah Primary School. Sir Moore, while on the way home, reckoned its distance covered more or less one kilometer away from the national highway. The PSDS released his words to the team for the finality of the mission how the school should return to its official site. When the enrollment would improve to reach the standard size of per classroom learners of both Kindergarten and Grade 1 classes, Grade 2 classes should be opened. It would be the time of Lugmah Primary School to return. When first day of classes would begin, Grade 3 learners should be campaigned and there should be a TIC to be with them.

It’s the final agreement of the team.


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