Saturday, July 2, 2016

Cyclone Wire Defines the 10,000-Square Meter Perimeter of Mukammali ES Donated School Site

PSDS Sam was amazed seeing cyclone wire surrounded the entire perimeter of Mukammali Elementary School headed by Head Teacher III, Melda I. Adug after visiting Langpas Elementary School headed by Principal I, Hja. Nalda J. Muksan on the second day of the opening of regular classes, June 14, 2016. Melda I. Adug revealed that it was already completed last year through the initiative of the school and community members. Naser L. Assil, the District Property Custodian carefully inspected the materials used by Mukammali Elementary School to define the whole perimeter of the school.

Mukammali Elementary School had just one-classroom school building inside its donated school site and one stage. There were also school office attached with one room for school library made of local materials through the efforts of the parents. Another 2-classroom school shack was constructed to cater two grade levels. The rest of the school site was occupied by the crops and other plantations of the owner and one house built on the last corner of the area. There was also one-classroom school building on the other side of the road or out of the school site. It was already abandoned in a sense that the owner would no longer allow the school to work for its improvement.

Alhamdulillah, 4-classroom school building was just completely constructed in the school site under BEFF (Basic Education Facilities Funds) in partnership with BEAM-ARMM. PSDS Moore, Naser L. Assil, District PESS Coordinator, Jahaddi J. Taulani and school head roamed around the campus looking into the proper place for sports ground. As concluded by the District PESS Coordinator, Mukammali Elementary School is qualified to host District Meet once the ground would be totally cleaned out of the crops and other plantations. The school will appear more beautiful if the school ground will be maintained.

The monitoring team visitation appreciated much Melda I. Adug for she was the only school head in Indanan South District schools that show the ability to define the perimeter of the school site by way of fencing it with local materials and cyclone wire despite the many crops, plantations and house inside of it.

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