Friday, July 8, 2016

First in Campus Journalism: Bunot ES

Bunot Elementary School just elevated itself into complete elementary status in 2012 through the potential and initiative of the school head, Jurmainna H. Hunding, Head Teacher III. After short year of elevation, it is now coming up with the creation of its campus journalism writers. Bunot Elementary School is lucky enough in having Alnashvier I. Abduljalil, Grade 3 Adviser. It is with this new teacher of Grade 3 that started journalism in his class entitle 'LANGKING'. Nash already started some volumes of the school publication months ago. He presented it to the Public Schools District Supervisor, Samoore S. Ladjahali for comment. The PSDS was so  amazed in seeing the Grade 3 learners' achievement that would serve as their legacy in Bunot Elementary School.

Printing of the Langking has become an apparent hindrance of circulation in the school campus of Bunot Elementary School. It is definitely due to lack of school funds. The school is not yet entitled for the monthly MOOE. The PSDS committed to donate some amount extracted from district monthly MOOE. However, printing has not yet still been possible because there is no printing press in Jolo City. In the last dialogue happened between the PSDS and Nash, a decision was finally made over the realization of Langking. As agreed, Bloggers should temporarily store all the columns of Langking. Sir Sam promised to design Blogger's Site for the Langking of Bunot Elementary School. Alhamdulillah, it was already published though some gadgets and widgets still need edition for a better look.

Jurmainna H. Hunding, Head Teacher III of Bunot Elementary School advised Nash to make Langking not just in Grade 3 Classes but it should represent the whole campus of the school. Thus, the above-displayed photo justified the adoption of Langking for the entire Bunot Elementary School. The image showed the activity conducted for the Search of Langking Writers 2016.

Two thumbs up and great cheers for Bunot Elementary School!

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