Monday, July 25, 2016

In Receipt of RM Series 2016: Deployment of Newly-hired Teachers

Nurhida I. Masdali escorted by her husband reached Indanan South District this afternoon bringing along with her 5- page Regional Memorandum Series 2016 dated June 01, 2016 signed by Dr. John A. Magno, DepED-ARMM Secretary. She handed the RM to Sir Sam as she was seated before PSDS’ table after few minutes. She confirmed her complete name listed under number 21 in the memo. RM stated her assignment in Dayuan Primary School, Indanan South District. She helped the PSDS looking into the other names in the list of newly-hired teachers assigned in said ISD. As found out in the list, Indanan South District should express warm gratitude to the Regional people of DepED especially to Sir Dr. John A. Magno for the deployment of newly-hired teachers enumerated below with their corresponding number, assignment, item number and appointment code.

Assignment: Dayuan Primary School
Item Number: TCHR1-1785-2013
Appointment Code: JAM 2015000360A

Assignment: Bunot ES
Item No: TCHR1-146-2016
Appt Code: JAM 2015000185A

Assignment: Bunut PS 
Item No: TCHR1-1754-2013
Appt. Code: JAM 2015000372A

Assignment: Pasil ES
Item No: TCHR1-6644-1998
Appt Code: JAM 2015000205A

Assignment: Poblacion Elementary School
Item No: TCHR1-1987-2013
Appt. Code: JAM 2015000376A

Alhamdulillah, the above-deployed names of newly-hired teachers remain easy for the PSDS to locate except Number 54, LADJAHALI, ARNIZA A. Some rumors revealed that she is now in Talipao District. This afternoon, Sir Moore called up the Head Teacher of Bunot Elementary School, Jurmainna H. Hunding for the search of Ma’am Arniza.

Actually, some of these 5 newly-deployed teachers had already been in the Office of the PSDS asking about their mode of reporting to their respective stations except the bearer of this RM and Arniza. Without force, PSDS Sam's decision was dependent on their willingness in so far as absence of Deployment Order was concerned. It was just this afternoon the PSDS gripped the order. It was the reason why Bernadin D. Abduhajan was put into doubt of going to Poblacion Elementary School until this day. Nurjima H. Majum and Pindah I. Lajong were already in their stations since June 13, 2016. The PSDS did not submit their CSC Form 48 to the Personnel In-Charge of District Form 7 because of that order. This time; however; submission of their FDS (First Day of Service) for record purposes in the Division Office shall be required from their respective school heads. In the same manner, accomplishment of DTR from June, 2016 is enjoined especially for Nurjima H. Majum, Bernadin D. Abduhajan and Pindah I. Lajong. The PSDS would like to request the approval of the Regional DepED Secretary for the consideration of their salaries based on their FDS, June, 2016.

In case of Nurhida I. Masdali, PSDS Moore would advise Delda J. Amdan, TIC of Dayuan Primary School to consider July 25, 2016 as the FDS of her new teacher.

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