Tuesday, July 5, 2016


It is a message of DepED-ARMM Secretary, Dr. John A. Magno posted in his Facebook Wall fifty-five minutes ago. This post was tagged to Asec for Special Projects, Alfhadar Pajiji and 22 others. It reached to get 52 likes as of this moment including the District In-Charge of Indanan North District and PSDS of Indanan South District. The post got 3 shares and 10 comments.
There is a wide gulf that separates someone schooled from someone educated. And mistake never that they are one and the same. Our responsibility is to know the difference and be sensitive to it. Not to mention the “danger” of the schooled but uneducated.
Everyday is an endless encounter – meeting people and finding awe in their persons. Surely, this world is pressed between the realities of the sincere and the lurking motives of the unpredictable insincere. One thing is certain: we are endlessly immersed in the ambivalence of persons. It becomes an interesting point, however, that some people breathe their life in the challenges of everyday encounters while others feed on the greed that becomes the elixir of endless criticism and suspicion. The reality of differences is easily eclipsed by the selfish motives of looking at a blank wall and painting their own realities on it – believing that this is the world, nothing more, nothing less. In the process, myopia becomes their reality and respect and dignity take a backseat. It is a phenomenon that goes beyond reason – beyond the respect that things ought to have because differences are necessary.
One human reality is the categorization that people go through. It is the categorization that man has learned to do over centuries. But this categorization, although never mandated by the Divine and is purely mundane, causes the world to turn upside-down. The extreme is when people are categorized in boxes with stereotypes that males are “superior” and women are otherwise and that the emergence of social preferences are absolute taboos. But society itself must appropriately respond to the realities are undeniably present and that everyone have niches in a society that is not necessarily permissive but respectful. As the world turns, so must the very society that defines and redefines life.
The Divine created all of us and whatever differences among us exists, they can never be ignored but necessarily respected in whatever manner they are.
There is no law that states preference for any particular gender because each is unique in its own way. And each completes the puzzle that this world has provided for. The premise has, is and will always be the same – that each has a right to live and define a place under the sun. Each defines the dignity he has right over – steadily weaved by the labor he makes and is defined by the acceptance of the very society within which he lives. No one has the absolute right to harm or disrespect anyone not unless he loses his very own dignity, respect and worth. Everyone has the right to live his own way for as long as he never harms anyone.
Life is like a sailing boat and we stand at the stern to direct its course. The world is likened to it and each side is balanced by the genders. Any segregation and discrimination leads the world to an abhorrent end.
I am proud of who I am!

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