Saturday, July 23, 2016

Upcoming OSYDA Summit

At Vice Mayor's Residence, Salip Allan Nahier S. Jainal presided the meeting in the afternoon of July 21, 2016. It concerned with the upcoming summit of all OSYDA (Out-of-School Youth Development Alliance) members representing the Municipality of Indanan, Sulu. Target venue of the summit will be in Waterfront Resort, Davao City on August 3, 2016. As advised by MYDev (Mindanao Youth for Development) Municipal Coordinator, Khanhar Abdulmoin, OSYDA will leave Jolo for Zamboanga City on August 1 and Cebu Pacific will take them to Davao City the next day. One of the objectives of the meeting was to get the confirmation of every OSYDA member relative to the attendance in said summit. Confirmation should be made two weeks before the departure.

With this, PSDS Moore requested the Chairman to withdraw his membership in OSYDA for the following reasons:
  1. He missed lots of activities, meetings, orientations, trainings and workshops
  2. He is in apprehension for the bad image to his name resulted from his failure with the OSYDA members in most of the activities.
  3. He could hardly manage his time in the event DepED's call up of  him would be simultaneous with OSDYA's schedule.
Hon. Salip Allan Nahier and MYDev Coordinator rejected the request of Sir Moore. In like manner, all participants in the meeting seconded the decision of the Presiding Officer. Sir Sam insisted because he wanted confirmation of the OSYDA could be made a week before the departure to any venues of the outside-province conferences, trainings, summit and other OSYDA gatherings. He cited many circumstances like the conduct of summit in Tagaytay City last year. He already confirmed his participation but it did not materialize due to DepED Memorandum also calling him for two seminars with the same schedule with OSYDA summit.

So in the meeting, Sir Moore again uttered his confirmation before the OSYDA members attended the meeting in preparation for the summit and also incoming activity, the so-called 'OSYDA Learning and Dissemination Events' that should be conducted in GEM Multi-Purpose, Pasil, Indanan, Sulu on the 26th day of July, 2016. It would be a whole day affair from 9:00 AM to 3: PM. The following members of OSYDA were grouped into three for the better preparation of said event:
  1. Hon. Saripuddin "Eddih" D. Jikiri - Municipal Mayor
  2. Hji. Akmad A. Muksan - Municipal Administrator
  3. Hon. Salip Allan Nahier S. Jainal - Vice Mayor
  4. Engr. Sawradja P. Allama - MPDC
  5. Hon. Malli M. Kadil - SB Education Committee Chair
  6. Hon. Alman M. Uding - ABC President
  7. Hji. Iriles N. Ladjabassal - MIO
  8. Jennasir S. Sali  - Alternate of MIO
  9. Hja. Sitti Sahara H. Hashim - Municipal Cooperative Officer
  10. Muldison J. Taung - SB Secretary
  11. Nurhatab D. Saddarani - MLGOO
  12. Samoore S. Ladjahali - Public Schools District Supervisor (ISD)
  13. Christopher T. Lee - MDSWDO Assistant
  14. Marbel J. Hayudini - DA Agricultural Specialist
  15. Reza A. Mariwa - DTI-Trade - Specialist
  16. Engr. Abdul Ghefari K. Allama - TESDA-Specialist II
  17. Siha Valenzuela - DOLE - Specialist
  18. Khanhar Abdulmoin - MYDev Municipal Coordinator
  19. Adil N Masdal - Service Provider/Project Co.
  20. Murniza H. Tahil - OSY Representative
  21. Almalin M. Alawi - OSY Representative
  22. Abnel Basa - OSY Representative
  23. Radjail Hajihil - OSY Representative

MPDC (Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator), Engr. Sawradjan P. Allama visited Sir Sam in his office as went home from the meeting with Mayor Hermot D. Jikiri in SB Hall, Pasil in the afternoon of July 21, 2016. The MPDC worried on the accessibility of PSDS in his cellular phone. He also expressed his sentiments on the long-time-no-see appearance of the PSDS in many activities of OSYDA. He again handed program as mentioned in the previous paragraphs. He also informed the PSDS that a meeting of OSYDA would be in the Vice Mayor's Residence at 2:00 PM.

Sir Moore explained the lose of his mobile phone last February, 2016 while they walked towards the Coffee Shop, Km. 2, Kajatian, Indanan, Sulu. He was escorted by the two TICs, Faijal I. Andan and Nagdar U. Sasapan. It was from that Coffee Shop where they proceeded to the house of Hon. Vice Mayor, Salip Allan Nahier S. Jainal.

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