Tuesday, August 2, 2016

1-Day Orientation on EBEIS and LIS

DepED-Sulu Division Office conducted 1-Day Orientation on Enhanced Basic Education Information System (EBEIS) and Learner's Information System (LIS) at DepED Conference Hall, Jolo, Sulu today, August 1, 2016. Office of the Division Planning led by Hja. Insih Asaari facilitated the activity before the Batch I participants coming from Jolo I, Jolo II, Jolo III, Jolo IV, Indanan North and Indanan South Districts. The organizers of the orientation made it into 5-day batches. Batch II was composed of Pangutaran, Parang East, Parang West, Patikul East, Patikul West and Talipao Districts scheduled on August 2, 2016; Batch III included Siasi I, Siasi II, Sibaud, Tapul, Kalinggalan Caluang and Laminusa Districts on August 3; Batch IV comprised Lugus, Luuk, Panamao, Tongkil, Pata and Omar Districts on August 4, 2016; and Batch V involved Secondary Schools, Private Schools, HEIS, and SUCS on August 5, 2016. This schedule was based on the attachment of Division Memorandum No. 22 s. 2016 dated July 27, 2016

From Indanan South District, all school heads were in attendance including School ICT Coordinators, District ICT Coordinator and District Planning Coordinator. Faisal A. Kadil, Caretaker of the District represented PSDS Moore who was on leave for Davao City to join the OSYDA Summit held at Waterfront Resort Hotel from August 1-4, 2016. Three of them represented the ISD Office, Sharifa Mharrojheanne A. Alih, District ICT Coordinator and Naser L. Assil representing District Planning Coordinator.

Division Memorandum No. 22 s. 2016 dated July 27, 2016 required every participant to bring along with them the following gadgets and devices:
  • Accomplished EBEIS (School Profile Form)
  • Laptop
  • Pocket Wifi
  • Extension Wire
The 1-Day Orientation on EBEIS & LIS for the First Batch was personally witnessed by the Schools Division Superintendent, Dr. Tim J. Undain, FRIEdr. She even delivered a message during the opening program. The SDS motivated every school  head to do something on the pervading issues of late on-line updating of EBEIS and LIS.

Updating EBEIS and LIS on-line particularly in the Division of DepED-Sulu faces serious problem in the entire schools throughout the twenty-five districts both in mainland and in island districts. This serious problem prevails due to poor internet access in the province of Sulu. In the previous month of March, 2016, most of the schools were not able to update their online reports on EBEIS and LIS. Thus, most of the enrollment appeared dropout in DepED Central Office. DepED-Sulu Division became one of the hindering division in the completion of DepED-ARMM submission of regional enrollment.

Before, the Division Planning Officer and staff required every school head and school ICT coordinator to leave for Zamboanga City purposely to grasp the strong internet access for the updating of school's EBEIS and LIS. The DPO and school administrators hired internet cafe where signal is quite strong. School heads spent thousands of money in that undertaking. In the long run, school heads, specifically those belong to elementary level realized the huge expenses for the on-line updating taken out of their monthly salaries. Most of the school leaders are just head teachers and TICs who also suffered from many loans and financial deficiencies in supporting their family members. There were schools contributing among themselves, teachers some amount for the expenses of the on-line activity undertaken in Zamboanga City. Hence, late updating of school's online reports still became worry of the DepED-ARMM.

Fortunately, there was GSAT installed in the ground of the DepED-Sulu Division Office. The installation was made through the finance of the DepED-Sulu Division Office in partnership with its district heads and school heads. Many school heads felt happy as they knew the availability of the GSAT.

Months later, some school heads wondered why Office of the Division Planning still worried the on-line enrollment on EBEIS and LIS. Misconception stored in the memory of some school heads. They thought it was the Planning Office that was responsible for the updating in so far as installation of GSAT was concerned. Correctly clarified, every school would still be the one to use the GSAT and gave some donations for the maintenance of the facility. School heads followed the instruction of the Planning Office; however; it still suffered from poor access that made again the schools late in their respective on-line enrollment.

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