Sunday, August 7, 2016

For Teacher-Students' Recreational Activity, Seating Facilities Don't Matter

What about for the Teaching-Learning Activity in the classroom, too, do seating facilities matter? This question is raised on the basis on the outlook shown by the posted-photos in Facebook Website by the ISD District ICT Coordinator observing 2 teaching loads in Poblacion Elementary School, Sharifa Mharrojheanne A. Alih (RoyalChic Sharif Alih).

They removed the desks and chairs to free themselves from congestion inside their learning session hall, the classroom. They called that activity, Recreational Activity. Teacher Sharifa displayed better pattern for classroom-teaching-learning environment that enticed more students' enthusiasm towards day-to-day learning areas.

Cleanliness comes first inside classroom especially on the flooring. Most of the household members at home sits on the floor without using chairs or desks. Most  of the flooring of houses in Sulu were set with clean sliced bamboo. It is a less-good mode for the students to work with their homeworks compared to their classrooms. The only difference is free-in slippers or shows on the floor where at home it is impossible to happen except for those visitors. Admittedly yes, it should be that way in so far as better health is concerned. Wearing slippers or shoes inside concrete classroom is strongly enjoined by DepED to avoid bits of causes for the students to get sick. Do we need carpeted classroom? Teacher is a doctor, accordingly. They know better what to use in lieu of carpet.

Sharifa's classroom indicated her utilization of the strongly-suggested teaching approaches under K to 12 Basic Education Program.

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