Saturday, August 6, 2016

ISD Calendar of Activities for the Month of August, 2016


One (1) week is not enough for school head to counter check teacher's TOS attached with test construction based on the answer of school heads last District Policy Meeting. Therefore; every school head should have already started doing it this week in so far as August 18-19 schedule for the First Quarter Examination is concerned.
August 9-11 is a 3-Day Division Policy Conference.
August 23 is a 1-Day DLF for School Heads and District Coordinators discussing the following:
1. Quarterly Verification on ECARP
2. Policies gained from Division Policy Conference
3. District visitation to inspect school head's outputs on supervisory task, administrative task and networking and eSIP.

August 27 is a day for Parent-Teacher Conference focused on the Distribution of Report Cards and student's progress, issues and concerns identified from June to August, 2016.
August 29 is a National Hero's Day (Regular Holiday)
August 30-31 is District Visitation for School Heads and conduct of ORA to improve ECARP in preparation for NAT.
No proxy shall be entertained in a 1-Day DLF except those in maternity leave of absence and sick leave officially submitted to this DO.
Please, be guided accordingly. Memo comes later.

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