Thursday, August 4, 2016

ISD Monitoring Team in the Administration of NAT for Grades 4

Sir Sam, PSDS of Indanan South District formed the District Monitoring Team for the administration of NAT Grades 4 last July 13, 2016. The team was composed of Naser L. Assil, DPC, DTC (District Testing Coordinator), Nagdar U. Sasapan, TIC of Panglima Misuari PS and Cmdr. Bara Jalaidi PS, PSDS, Sir Moore, Jahaddi J. Taulani, DPESSC and Faijal I. Andan, TIC of Sapah Malawm PS and Sapie PS. The monitoring team started with the nearest-to-furthest schools of ISD. In Kasambuhan Village Elementary School, PSDS Sam did not allow Naser L. Assil to do a room-to-room monitoring in a sense that he observes his 2 teaching loads or attached to that school; rather; Sir Moore asked him to seek permission from his Principal, Nur-aisha A. Gonzales for the PSDS utilization of him in the monitoring team. In the same manner, Jahaddi J. Taulani did it in Panglima Mammah Elementary School headed by School Caretaker, Josefina S. Ajijul. The PSDS notified the two school heads for the composition of two district coordinators in the NAT Monitoring Team in so far as privacy on motorcycles was concerned. There were 13 schools needed the visibility of the ISD NAT Monitoring Team on the 13th day of July, 2016 except Dayuan Primary School headed by TIC, Delda J. Amdan conducting the NAT Examination on the 14th day due to lack of testbooklets and scannable answer Sheets.

Every member of the monitoring team was properly assigned according to room number arranged in the different schools. For instance, the DTC was responsible for Room 1, Faijal I. Andan should inspect Room 2, DPC might enter Room 3, DPESSC was to monitor Room 4 and PSDS was up for the remaining rooms. The PSDS declared the room assignment as they started in the nearest school, Kasambuhan Village Elementary School. He also briefed the team members to observed proper etiquettes of monitoring to ensure the harmony, orderliness, honesty and success of the administration of NAT for Grades 4. Carefulness instead of disturbance was thoroughly emphasized by Sir Sam. He allowed the team to take photos on the actual conduct of exam. Entry of every team member into the classroom was not obligatory; rather; he encouraged them to just peep from the windows.

As the monitoring team reached Timbangan Elementary School headed by TIC, Masdida M. Sarabi, the PSDS wondered why Nasser H. Mammah, Teacher I of Panglima Mammah Elementary School was there. He appeared on this photo standing between the TIC of Timbangan ES and Saridi M. Maliki, one of the Class Advisers of Grades 4. Sir Nas went out of the classroom when he saw the PSDS arriving in the vicinity of the examination. Later, the TIC of Timbangan ES introduced him to the team that Sir Nas was sent by Josefina S. Ajijul as one of the Room Examiners from Panglima Mammah ES. What the PSDS appreciated most with Sir Nas and Sir Edak was their fond now of wearing teacher's uniform. Sir Edak had already the latest prescribed teacher's uniform with Regional DepED ID hung around his neck.

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