Monday, August 1, 2016

P 5,500 Financial Assistance from AAI for 11 MOBE Schools

The AAI (Asia America Initiative) President, Albert Santoli allotted P 500.00 financial assistance for every MOBE (Model Of Bawgbug Education) school. The funds aid AAI schools in Indanan South District purchase suggested seedlings to grow in the garden plots of Grades 4 to 6 Classes under Gulayan sa Paaralan Program of DepED. The Public Schools District Supervisor, Samoore S. Ladjahali agreed with AAI President to designate Teacher Sharifa Mharrojheanne A. Alih as AAI Coordinator in Indanan South District for better disposal of the funds to 11 MOBE schools enumerated below:
  1. Kasambuhan Village Elementary School
  2. Panglima Mammah Elementary School
  3. Timbangan Elementary School
  4. Palan Elementary School
  5. Bunot Elementary School
  6. Panglima Indanan Central School
  7. Poblacion Elementary School
  8. Mukammali Elementary School
  9. Langpas Elementary School
  10. Panglima Ahajan Elementary School
  11. Pasil Elementary School

Last Friday, July 30, 2016, PSDS Moore and AAI Coordinator Sharifa gathered the 11 school heads of MOBE schools for short briefing before the release of funds facilitated by Sharifa. The short briefing was done in the Indanan South District Office early in the morning before the 11 school heads were about to depart to their respective schools with their teachers. PSDS Sam briefed them that the money was the result of their suggested seedlings to grow in their respective gardens for Gulayan sa Paaralan. He also announced the inclusion of the 5 schools in AAI MOBE schools overseen and educationally assisted by Albert Santoli. Those 5 new MOBE schools are listed as follows:
  1. Panglima Mammah Elementary School
  2. Palan Elementary School
  3. Panglima Indanan Central School
  4. Langpas Elementary School
  5. Panglima Ahajan Elementary School

Furthermore, AAI President also advised everyone for the allocation of book supplies to those 5 new additional MOBE schools of AAI in Indanan South District. PSDS Moore advised the school heads to keep the funds for the next plantation in the event all garden plots in their schools were already filled with crops, vegetables and other plants grown in the garden. There were 5 schools attended the 1-day Training for Gulayan sa Paaralan conducted by Department of Agriculture Sulu last July 28, 2016 when the school teacher participants were issued various kinds of seedlings to be planted in their Gulayan sa Paaralan.

Inclusion of those 5 schools in AAI MOBE schools instigated with the query of AAI President what schools were in need of seedlings.that could be supported by the AAI. PSDS Sam named those 5 schools because he witnessed their garden plots during the school visitation led by the District Commissioners from July 18-20, 2016. 

AAI President, Albert Santoli trusted District ICT Coordinatro, Sharifa to receive the funds sent by Santoli. PSDS Moore was surprised to note the trust of Santoli on Sharifa. Sharifa disclosed it to PSDS Sam in the afternoon before the briefing held in the next day. He advised to prepare somewhat like payroll which is posted above with heading, OFFICE OF THE MOBE SCHOOLS, Asia America Initiative, Indanan, Sulu.

Sharifa gave title, Recipents of Gardening School Funds with five columns, such as: 1. Name of Schools; 2. Name of School Heads; 3. Signatures; 4. Amount; and 5. Date. Under 11 rows of the documents were notes informing to submit photos of seeds via flash drive as soon as possible and furnish copy of receipts for accurate accounting.

Before the start of briefing, PSDS Moore told Sharifa that AAI President already approved his recommendation to designate Sharifa as AAI Coordinator in ISD. He said that it was her additional function in the ISD Office aside from ISD ICT Coordinator. Sharifa and he would be the focal persons of AAI in ISD as far as AAI programs and projects in the district were concerned.

After the briefing done by PSDS Sam, sharifa gently asked every school head of 11 MOBE schools to affix a signature opposite the name in the payroll before the P 500 monetary assistance released to the recipient in cash by Sharifa.

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