Sunday, September 18, 2016

When Thong Jikiri Meets Prof. Santoli for the Second Time Around

In November, 2007, Hji. Thong Jikiri, Brother of new Mayor-elect, Hon. Hji. Hermot D. Jikiri of Indanan Municipality fetched Prof. Albert Santoli in Jolo to visit Pasil Elementary School headed by TIC (Teacher In-Charge) Samoore S. Ladjahali who is now Public Schools District Supervisor of Indanan South District. That time, Thong was Sulu Provincial Board Member.

Last September 7, 2016, both shoked hands again as a revival of friendship with utterance from Thong's tongue, "Can you still remember me?"

"Of course," AAI President replied.

Both were in a great laughter as a sign of happiness despite the peace and order in JIP (Jolo Indanan Patikul) areas seemed volatile. For the safety of the foreign visitor to Indanan, Barangay Chairwoman of Bunot, sister-in-law of Thong used the white strada of the former Sulu Provincial Board Member to fetch Bro. Al from Notre Dame of Jolo College Hotel to visit ISD Office and four (4) schools of ISD. Thong was so proud of his car would be used for Prof. Santoli by his sister-in-law.

The journey began to pass by ISD Office in the morning. As Bro Al entered the gateless entrance of the ISD, he said, "Wow, seems palace!" He spent more or less fifteen (15) minutes in the ISD Office where he notice the AAI Corner designed by the ISD AAI Coordinator, Teacher Sharifa Mharrojheanne A. Alih. He also admired the design of both ladies' and gentlemen's restrooms. He witnessed the actual arrangement of the books sorted by Sharifa and all School AAI Coordinators. PSDS Moore explained the delay of the distribution of the books to all MOBE schools because of his proper instruction that school could receive books if bookshelves would be available in the school. Sir Sam also explained why ISD Office had not yet purchased regular plastic water tank due to unavailable product from Sabah, Malaysia. Only Sabah-Malaysia made would be having enough size to occupy the rootop of the male restroom. P 4,000.00 were already given by Prof. last Ramadhan 2016 thru Sir Frem.

Afterwards, AAI-MOBE schools of ISD proceeded to Kasambuhan Village Elementary School where Education Fiesta 2016 was supposed to be observed. Sir Moore and Prof. Al; however; agreed not to push through the program formally in so far as visit to IDPs in Poblacion Elementary School, Pasil Elementary School, Municipal Mayor of Indanan and Bunot Elementary School was concerned.

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