Thursday, October 20, 2016

Captured Parade of Joint District Meet 2015 with Indanan National HS

It was first time in the annals of Indanan South District to conduct its District Meet 2015 joined with Indanan National High School headed by Secondary School Principal, Tony K. Asanji. District Meet 2015 lasted for 3 days from September 28-30, 2015. It started with a kilometer-away parade along Panabuan-Pasil National Highway to the fabulous play area of Pasil Elementary School where an opening program was held in the morning of September, 28, 2016. It was a long parade so far kicked off by both elementary and secondary school athletes, students, teachers, PTA members, barangay and municipal officials of Indanan Municipality and many other education stakeholders. Motorcades of teachers, students and parents spearheaded the long parade and it was followed by Pasil Elementary School and Annexes with all the elementary and primary schools behind it.  Most of the schools showed their push cart floats along the road like Pasil Elementary School, Sapah Malawm Primary School, Panglima Misuari Primary School, Panglima Ahajan Elementary School, Manilop Primary School, Langpas Elementary School, Mukammali Elementary School, Poblacion Elementary School, Panglima Indanan Central School, Bunot Elementary School and Palan Elementary School. Field demonstration of pupils is required from the following elementary schools: 1. Bunot ES & Annexes; 2. Langpas ES; 3. Panglima Indanan Central Sch; 4. Mukammali ES; 5. Poblacion ES & Annex; 6. Panglima Ahajan ES & Annex; and 7. Pasil ES & Annexes. Likewise, these 7 elementary schools are also required to construct push cart float. Cultural presentation of teachers are due to the following elementary schools: 1. Kasambuhan Ves; 2. Panglima Mammah ES; 3. Timbangan ES; and 4. Palan ES.

ISD schools were grouped into 5 athletic sports units, namely: Unit I comprised Pasil Elementary School & Annexes and Mukammali Elementary School; Unit II was the flagship of Poblacion Elementary School & Annex and Panglima Ahajan Elementary School & Annex; Unit III led Panglima Indanan Central School, Palan Elementary School and Bunot Elementary School & Annexes; Unit IV was composed of Timbangan Elementary School and Langpas Elementary School & Annex; and Unit V was the torch for Panglima Mammah Elementary School and Kasambuhan Village Elementary School. 

Secondary schools that represented Indanan National High School were composed of Timbangan Main Campus, Licup Annex and Pasil Annex.

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