Thursday, October 13, 2016

I Wonder Why

I was surprised to see my ruined table with new table cloth. It was a time when I was District In-Charge shared district office with Indanan North District. I learned it came from this teacher, Ma'am Hja. Juanita U. Isnain. I did not asked her to do what she did.

One day, she chanced to visit the newly-renovated district office thru the financial assistance of DepED-ARMM Secretary, Dr. John A. Magno.

As she stepped on the door, "Wow, nice office! I'll donate curtains.
"I don't need your donation" PSDS replied.
She was stunned. PSDS Moore observed that she was hurt. He asked her to sit in front of him comforting her to donate table cloth if she would really be willing to donate. She immediately nodded. PSDS Sam described the colors and the style for the table cloth. Ma'am Hja. Juanita followed the instruction.

Time came when I saw unintentionally while conversing with school heads and teachers in the district office. To his sight appeared the table cloth with nice design but different color to what the PSDS expected.

 "Why is the color like that?"
"It is not what I instructed to her."
To his surprise, it came from other teacher-donor. PSDS learned it from Hja. Berlinda B. Gulam whom he did not approve to design for a table cloth. He just made an alibi that Inda' Hja. Sarah would be the to design for the table donated by Hon. Omar S. Suhaili, Barangay Chairperson of Manilop, Indanan, Sulu.

PSDS though it would be a great insult to the donor if he would be negatively talking more about the unexpected donation. What he truly did was to express thank in his mind.

I did not even intend to use cloth over my administrative table. However, she did it as I saw her with Naser L. Assil fixing over my table. I could no longer insist rather than to accept it. I noticed that my table has now another design of table cloth. Mashallah! I really wanted not to have a cloth over my table. Is it really necessary to have table cloth?

Ma'am Hja. Juanita really wanted to make ISD Office look beautiful. Aside from table cloth, she brought flowers for the beautification of the ISD Office. First to bring flowers to the office was Hadzfar S. Calbi thru the advice of Ma'am Masdida M. Sarabi, Teacher In-Charge of Timbangan Elementary School. 

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