Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Karitun to Tanza Oasis Hotel and Resort

Delayed PAL flight for Zam-Mla took me off to NAIA at around 9:30 in the evening of September 20, 2016. I was supposed to board M/V Mary Joy 3 for Zam-Jolo on the 19th day of September when I heard Sir Dr. Joel A. Alamia saying, "Replace me." My reply was to ask what kind of workshop that I should attend in his behalf. Accordingly, it was just a module workshop. I accepted his trust on me. It was almost 4:00 PM when my better half and I entered the pawnshop under Southern City Colleges. Alhamdulillah, 2-Go availed me in PAL promo.

I just stayed over night sitting and walking here and there at NAIA before I got into the white taxi to Tanza Bus Terminal at around 4:00 AM. It was somewhere in Baclaran near the airport, too. I just took a boiled corn and 3-in-one hot drinks in the sidewalk before I got into the bus. When I was already seated by the mirror window of the bus, I whispered at the bus conductor, "Drop me at Tanza Oasis Hotel and Resort." He nodded more than one time. Then I put my scarp over my head and ears to shelter from too much coldness of bus aircon until I went to a short nap for several times.

After two hours, I got to open my eyes along the mirror. I noticed the bright morning sun on my left side. It's no more a city but a hinterland though the highway was so smooth to wheel. What I saw was a bold writing on the walls of the building, Amaya. I asked the conductor for three times if it would still be far. Sometimes, he could not reply me. Doubt visited my mind. My eyes were always at the conductor that made him tell me, "You can now get down her." I immediately approached the pedicab driver for my destination. An old man pedicab driver told me that I've already gone beyond. Mashallah! Alhamdulillah, MAPSME cane into my mind. I quickly turned to my Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 and opened the apps. It was my first time to operate this apps. To my surprise, an airplane paper-like in blue color began to trace the route in map while I was on bus going back to Capipisa Barangay where an entry to my destination arrowed. Thank you, MAPSME.

Tanza Oasis Hotel and Resort is a 4-storey building where regional writers were housed. They worked for lesson plan, teacher's guide, Bahasa Sug Primer and learner's materials for Karitun Klasrum. Historically, karitun was pushed along the road for the street children. Now, DepED formally adopts with prescribed curriculum under the K to 12. Teacher is a voluntary basis holding classes every Saturday and Sunday with at least 3 hours daily.

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