Tuesday, December 27, 2016

First CTA Tangible Project

As agreed in the meeting, the District Federation of Classroom Teacher's Association would be responsible for the construction of ISD Booth in the 111th Indanan Anniversary joined with ISD Meet 2016. PSDS Moore sliced P 3, 000.00 from the allocation of IMSB for the erection of booth that would serve as the first tangible project of the CTA Federation. President Alnasvier I. Abduljalil with the willingness of all CTA Federation officers approved the deal.

Three days before the start of the 111th Indanan Anniversary, the CTA Federation with the cooperation of all officers in the school level began to build the ISD Booth out of local materials in order to lessen the expenses. Volunteer carpenters from Panglima Ahajan Elementary School showed their diligence and amazing talent in making the artistic design of the booth.

According to the CTA Federation officers and talented carpenters that the design was patterned after Madjapahit Empire of those days. PSDS Moore was so amazed to look at the style of the booth. He advised the CTA Federation officers to carefully keep the materials for booth construction in the Sulu Provincial Athletic Association Meet (SPAAM) 2016 using the same design.

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