Thursday, December 1, 2016

Worthier than More if Not in the Rule

Tennis Boys and Girls of Kasambuhan Village Elementary School has already maintained bringing SPAAM trophies to Indanan South District since three years ago. For this year's SPAAM 2016 did the same for ISD. PSDS Moore is so proud of their superb contribution and performance in the annals of ISD's participation in every Sulu Provincial Athletic Association Meet.

Before the SPAAM 2016 started, PSDS Sam perceived the feeling of the most personnel that ISD seemed failed in this year's SPAAM. It was on the basis of there were only two sports events (Tennis Boys and Girls and Badminton Boys and Girls) entry submitted to the Division Screening Committee. They were used to those previous years seeing hundreds of athletes competing with other delegations in the SPAAM. Only swimming events were out of their sight every year. Thus, everyone could hardly accept that SPAAM 2016 could bring such trophies to Indanan South District. During the SPAAM 2016 participation conference, several school heads suggested not to have anymore committee on cook for the foods of athletes and coaches. The assigned mess still wondered why PSDS Moore asking the schools to bring firewood from their respective schools as usual. They really believed in the absence of mess for this year's provincial athletic competitions.

It caused this way. PSDS Moore made an intention to assumed his office as District In-Charge right after the District Turn-over Ceremony done by the retired District Supervisor in July 16, 2012 with platform to make a difference in all aspects of the education issues in Indanan. It emanated from the question of Faisal A. Kadil, Head Teacher 3 of Pasil Elementary School, "What will you do in the Indanan South District Office." Specific answers were: 1. School-based management; 2. District meet; 3. Municipal school board; 4. District office; 5. Creating connections; and 6. Promotion.

With regards to athletic aspect, PSDS Moore wanted to fully abide with the rules and regulations stipulated in the DepED guidelines particularly  the qualifications and disqualifications of players. The PSDS is used to adopt gradual-approach strategy. In 2015, ISD Meet did not just create Committee on Screening but it strictly imposed the no-NSO-no-play policy. Yes, the five competing units were able to comply. Unfortunately, SPAAM 2016 announced to all districts and secondary schools for the no-more-strictness-on-NSO policy. Every athlete would be allowed to play regardless of having NSO or none except when they would selected for ARMMAA 2016.

PSDS Moore maintained the policy of the last year's conduct of ISD Meet regarding NSO. Several school heads, coaches and even sports coordinators whispered among themselves that PSDS Moore did not comply the advice of the Division Office. That was the reason why there were schools failed to secure NSO of their athletes. When ISD Meet 2016 began Screening Committee as advised by the PSDS strictly implemented the no-NSO-no-play policy that made many school athletes quit to play in the different sports events in the district meet.

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