Monday, January 2, 2017

M/V Asian Star Collides With Other Boat Anchored in Zamboanga City Wharf

M/V Asian Star I collided with other big boat anchored several meters away from the main port of Zamboanga City last night, January 3, 2017 at around 3:15 in the morning. Collision resulted from the engine trouble at around 10:30 in the evening as the boat started to leave the whart for Jolo, Sulu. Many passengers observed the boat could hardly run due to mal-function of the engine. Some passengers saw the strong running current. Immediately, an announcement echoed in the upper deck apologizing to all passengers for the delayed schedule and the engine would need troubleshooting. Engine could no longer be heard except for the light. The boat got a stop but the current flowed the boat so slowly. 

PSDS Moore was on board based on his post in Facebook Website. He and many passengers wondered why the boat was sailing yet when time reached 8:30 in the evening. After half an hour, announcement was heard informing the passengers that the crew officer was still in the PPA (Philippine Ports Authority) Office of Zamboanga City. Coastguards were also late to inspect the boat. While waiting for the trip, PSDS Moore felt hungry. He went to the canteen and made an order of Noodles Cup with beef flavor and a pack of Skyflakes. On his way to the upper deck, he photographed and videoed both in and out of  M/V Asian Star. Then he lied back on the bedding and posted those captures in Facebook. He thought it was just a nap when he woke up hearing so much noise. In sleep, he dreamed of having meeting with all education stakeholders because of the peace and order circumstances greatly affected by the offensive operations in the hinterland between the government troops and the rebels.

Suddenly, a bang sounded loudly. Passengers thought it was an explosion of boat engine because the crew had told them before that the trouble was electrical shortage. Everybody put out the life jackets thinking that M/V Asian Star would be on fire. The truth was a collision to other big boat on its anchor. It was 3:15 after midnight according to the wristwatch of PSDS Moore. After an hour, the engine began to work and to sail for Jolo. Most of the passengers; however; appealed before the Captain to return to the port of Zamboanga City although the engine was already okay. It was this moment passengers knew that M/V Asian Star would be under the ownership of Cong. Munir Arbison of the Sulu - 2nd District. Accordingly, Cong. advised the Captain to proceed the voyage. Captain told Cong. he had already contacted the Zamboanga City coastguards for the return of the boat.

Slowly, M/V Asian Star moved to the wharf. As it approached the wharf, the boat tried to turn back. Mashallah, the boat hit again the wharf that's why many passengers suspected that Captain was drunk. It was another influencing source increased the level of passengers' panic. As the boat positioned well, announcement vibrated on the ceiling of the boat for every passenger having ticket to pick up their foods downstairs before disembarking the boat. It was 17 minutes passed the hour of 5 o'clock in the morning. The was still hot coming from Jollibee.

It was surely a misfortune for the M/V Asian Star. It was her first voyage to Jolo from Zamboanga City, January 2, 2017.

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