Sunday, January 1, 2017

Out of the Scene for the Very First Time

Co-chairman of the Indanan Municipal School Board was online when Facebook notification flashed from his left over his personal computer. As he clicked the red icon on top, he saw the bold letters of the name of Indanan North District Supervisor, Dr. Garcia B. Paradji, Secretariat of the IMSB. Dr. Paradji posted simultaneously three pictures tagged to Noor Saada and the personal Facebook account of the IMSB Co-chairman, Samoore S. Ladjahali. He also tagged Tony K. Asanji, Secondary School Principal of Indanan National High School on his right and Municipal HRMO, Jennasir Sali who is in front of him in red t-shirt. It was last December 20, 2016 after two days of the conduct of Sulu Provincial Athletic Association Meet 2016. PSDS noticed the post that it was inside Dennis Coffee Shop, Scott Road, Jolo, Sulu.

After a while, mobile message vibrated PSDS Moore's Samsung Galaxy Duos A5 2016 immediately. As the IMSB Co-chairman opened, he understood the text message read this way, "Salam, Sir Moore. Jennasir and his company would like to see us this afternoon. Please, inform Sir Tony. Thanks." Based on this message, the photo above was posted in Facebook after Dr. Paradji sent the text message to Sir Moore. PSDS Moore replied that he was in Zamboanga City filing sick leave of absence.

A man in an eyeglass is Hji. Ireles N. Ladjabassal, Municipal Information Officer. He is the alter ego the Municipal Mayor in the passbook account of IMSB opened at Amanah Bank, Jolo Branch. PSDS Moore was so sure that the purpose of meeting concerned about the financial assistance allocated DepED-Indanan to the SPAAM 2016. As traditionally observed, the MIO would not set any IMSB meeting with all members unless the Co-chairman, ISD PSDS would be consulted and  present, too. This time; however; appeared unusual because PSDS Moore would be out of his sight since the Awarding Ceremony of the Joint 111th Indanan Anniversary and DepED-Indanan Palaro 2016 held at Pasil Elementary School, Pasil, Indanan, Sulu from November 21-23, 2016. 

The reasons why the Co-chairman was out because of: 1. He was chosen as one of the principal sponsors in the wedding ceremony at Palacio del Sur, Zamboanga City on December 18, 2016 which also made him invisible in the SPAAM parade 2016; and 2. He had appointment with the DepED-ARMM Regional Secretary, Dr. John A. Magno on the third week of December, 2016. 

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