Friday, January 20, 2017

Sadaqa of Birthday Celebrant: School Feeding

First to greet Naser L. Assil and PSDS Moore was Dr. Hja. Sarah Y. Hayudini last January 13, 2017. It was school monitoring activity done by the District Supervisor escorted by his staff. Sir Sam took selfie first with the District Property Custodian against the gate of Palan Elementary School where they noticed some students disrupted their classes. School feeding activity went on as they met the School Principal in the teachers' conference table. Dr. Hayudini led them (Visiting team) to the kitchen where teachers did cooking while others took coffee break. After PSDS captured images, he followed the Principal to the conference table and asked the details of the school feeding because Palan Elementary School was neither recipient of both DepED-ARMM School-Based Feeding Program and AAI led by Prof. Albert M. Santoli.

Dr. Hja. Hayudini sincerely exposed her feeding sadaqa emanated from every birthday celebration of her, her husband, her son, her daughter or her grandchild every year. PSDS Moore was stunned while listening to the Principal's exposition. It's more than ten birthday celebrants every year. Accordingly, it is more less five birthday celebrants extending dinner to her school in the form of feeding after doing celebration at home every year except when the birthdate falls on fifteen-day vacation, long summer vacation, holidays, or Saturdays and Sundays. The Principal has already maintained that sadaqa since five years ago. This feeding sadaqa is given to Kindergarten students until Grade 6 learners simultaneously. Teachers are also included in this charity. It is almost a whole day affair which made internal stakeholders of the school cook together, eat together and, of course, satisfy their bellies together.

PSDS Moore and Naser L. Assil timely not just witnessed the feeding charity but they tasted the deliciousness of the menu out of eggs, lucky mae pancit and many other ingredients of the foods.

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