Sunday, January 15, 2017

Special Request From Prof. Albert M. Santoli

In the morning of Tuesday, January 10, 2017, chat message from AAI President, Prof. Albert M. Santoli sounded in the Facebook messenger as PSDS Moore in the Indanan South District Office logged in his Samsung Galaxy Duos A5 2016. The original Fb chat message below was copied from Sir Moore's messenger.

Prof. Albert M. Santoli: Super Bro Samoore: i spoke with Mom Amy malbun about the possibility of the littlemini-journalists traveling to Sahaya on thursday to do a blog report with pics on the medical mission conducted by the army at Sahaya for the kids there. This would be a great experience for the little journalists.I would pay for their transpo and security from Bunot to Shahaya and snacks. Mom Amy said that the principal of Bunot could talk with Principal Tan of Sahaya to organize. it is the day after tomorrow, Thursday. it could be great fun and experience for the kids.

here's very nice new country song for Sharifa -- hope you have connectivity to downlad it.

Prof. Albert M. Santoli: Bro Samoore: Dr. Amy Malbun said it is fine with her that the mini-journalists from Bunot attend. She asked if the principals of the two schools coordinate together and i will send funds for the transpo, security and snacks of the little journalists. Insha'Allah. Sharifa should have funds on hand or else i will send right away.

Actually, PSDS Sam also planned to go out of Jolo town to his district schools like Bunot Elementary School, Dayuan Elementary School and Palan Elementary School monitoring how far the teachers and learners would be ready for the forthcoming conduct of 3rd Quarter Examination, January 19-20, 2017 before the arrival of Prof's chat message. After reading the chat message, Sir Moore advised his District Staff, Naser L. Assil, ISD Property Custodian to get ready with his motorcycle to Bunot Elementary School.

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