Sunday, January 1, 2017

When POBMAN Erects Colorful South District Indanan

POBMAN also belongs to Southerners comprising learning facilitators from two separate academies which were, too, as one before. Shortly to say, it was just a main campus and extension. However, DepED commonly terms extension as annex but Alyasir A. Hussam considered Poblacion situated in the same school site with Manilop. As school head, Mr. Hussam's visibility appeared daily his annex. Thus, people of Barangay Manilop, Indanan Sulu love their Teacher In-Charge (TIC) was what Poblacion did to the TIC. Whenever graduation of the main campus occurred, teachers from the annex were the factors of the success of the closing exercises every year specifically in the stage decoration.

Supervisionwise, Manilop Primary School was detached from its main beginning May, 2016. PSDS Moore, with the approval of the DepED-ARMM Secretary, Dr. John A. Magno, designated Kauzar I. Jawang as Teacher In-Charge of the school at the same to act as Adviser of Grade class. For athletic participation from district meet up to provincial meet, Poblacion and Manilop remained as partners. Both schools continue sailing with harmonious relationship regardless of partition personified by Mr. Alyasir and Mrs. Jawang. Both TIC's love to help one another in any circumstances that matter their roles as instructional leaders and administrative managers.

It is already a public knowledge to all Southerners that arrangement and rotation of schools to tackle booth construction and mess for the athletes were continuously observed in a year-to-year conduct of Sulu Provincial Athletic Association Meet. For this year's SPAAM 2016, rotation of booth construction rolled to Poblacion Elementary School and Manilop Primary School. POBMAN was so eager to act on their role in SPAAM manifested in their ready-made fence out of the bamboo and lumber prepared in the early first quarter of the school year.

Several Southerners took the pictures of the ISD Booth and posted in the Facebook Website day and night during the SPAAM 2016 from December 18-23, 2016. Similarly, teachers treated the booth as studio everyday. Masdida M. Sarabi, TIC of Timbangan Elementary School at the same designated Caretaker of the District for and in the absence of PSDS, texted Sir Moore appreciating POBMAN for the nice-looking of the ISD Booth. Right after the Closing Ceremony of the SPAAM 2016, She sent mobile message again that the was given a certificate, gift and consolation prize for Agro-Industrial Display. She also mentioned the trophies achieved by the ISD athletes. 

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