Monday, February 27, 2017

Challenging January, 2017

One of the challenges in January, 2017 was the traditional habit of the students, parents and guardians of being indifferent in the observance of the First Day of Classes that resumed last January 3, 2017. That practice already existed in the district since many years ago. PSDS Sam wanted to lessen the frequency level of that habit. He posted lots of advice on absenteeism in the Facebook group of all Indanan South District personnel and stakeholders. He emphasized the relevance of students' daily attendance in the prescribed school days stipulated by DepED Order School Calendar 2016-2017.

Early Registration Day motivated teachers to create more fun in the school. Teachers observed the attitudes and behaviors of the pupils who would tend to lost interest in school when January-February-March season comes. Some school teachers like Anariza J. Hussam, Grade 6 Adviser in Panglima Indanan Central and Nena S. Jamhari, Grade 1 B in Timbangan Elementary School gave monthly incentives to those students having perfect attendance for the month. Some practices of the school teachers to improve pupil's daily attendance was the modification of day-to-day roll call of every learner in the classrooms. A chart was hung on the wall. A child would pick up his picture and paste on the chart. 

The Public Schools District Supervisor of Indanan South District planned to have continued school visitation until the end of 4th quarter. PSDS Moore started visitation a week before the conduct of 3rd Quarter Examination. The visit inspected teacher's TOS (Table Of Specifications) and test questions, labeling and proper arrangement of classrooms from Kindergarten to Grade 6 and daily attendance of the school children. In a school-to-school post conference, Sir Moore did brainstorming with school head and teachers on matters that made school children more interested in school. School-Based Feeding Program emerged as the common ideas in the brainstorming process. SBFP was launced and sponsored by DepED-ARMM but it was just to some selected schools of ISD such as Kasambuhan Village Elementary School, Timbangan Elementary School, Poblacion Elementary School, Mukammali Elementary School and Pasil Elementary School. Likewise, Asia America Initiative did the same with DepED-ARMM.

Prof. Albert M. Santoli, President of the AAI learned the issues and concerns of ISD schools from the Public Schools District Supervisor. A plan for School Mass Feeding Program was discussed through online. Prof suggested to establish partnership for the mass feeding program. He would commit 65% financial counterpart for every student per meal. Challenge came when Prof reduced his counterpart to 50%. Prof. and Sir Sam agreed on the 50-50 partnership between child parent/guardian and AAI to cover the P 16.00 menu prescribed by ISD Coordinator on Health and Nutrition, Hja. Shar-Husna C. Salim catering Pasil Elementary School, Sapah Malawm Primary School, Sapie Primary School and Panglima Misuari Primary School. Every partner should produce P 8.00/meal.

January, 2017 also looked challenging to Manilop Primary School, Cmdr. Bara Jalaidi Primary School and Sapah Malawm Primary School. Early Registration Day 2017 was the beginning of challenges. On that day, the three schools should identify enrollees in Grade 5 and Grade 6. They should ensure their prospective enrollment for said grade levels to justify their strong commitment to elevate their school status from primary into complete elementary status by June, 2017.

January, 2017 almost brought pride and joy to Indanan South District when Prof. Albert M. Santoli asked permission from Sir Sam for the journey of Mini-Langking Journalists of Bunot Elementary School headed by Jurmainna H. Hunding, ESHT 3. It appeared then challenging bceause the route was to Sahaya Integrated Islamic Learning Center headed by Dr. Amy U. Malbun former Sulu SDS. The Mini-Langking Journalists under the patron of Alnasvier I. Abduljalil were to cover the 1-Day Medical Mission conducted by AFP in SIILC. Prof provided them with foods, snacks and transportation allowances.

The bloodiest moments; however; were the rollout for the school heads in the Notre Dame Review Center, Kasulutan Village, Patikul, Sulu. School heads were trained to prepare ESIP (Enhanced School Improvement Plan). ESIP was a pre-requisite for the issuance of school MOOE. However, only ESIP that would be rated level 3 was entitled for school MOOE. In addition, there were only 120 schools having level 3 ESIP that would be included in the issuance of MOOE.

In January, 2017, ISD Office headed by Sir Moore felt mixed emotion of joy and insufficiency. It was a joy in the sense that Inauguration of the Garage was formally done in front of the district office by the President of District Federation of Classroom Teachers Association, Alnasvier I. Abduljalil, the President. Construction of tiles over the garage was competed through the financial contribution collected among themselves by their officers in partnership with Sir Sam. Labor and materials for the tiling of the garage were shouldered by the PSDS. It was insufficiency in the sense that there were still lot of funds needed in the on-going construction and renovation of the ISD Office.

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