Wednesday, November 15, 2017

7th Indanan South District Meet

It started in 2012 at Pagnlima Indanan Central School, Licup, Indanan, Sulu. In 2013, ISD Meet was held at Pasil Elementary School Playground upon the request of former municipal mayor, Saripuddin "Eddih" D. Jikiri. It continued until this year, 2017 which was the 7th Indanan South District Meet. Venue of ISDM does not mean permanent in Pasil Elementary School. It depends on the request of those schools having enough space to host the ceremony. For two consecutive years, ISDM was participated by 5 sports units unifying the 15 elementary schools and 3 primary schools of Indanan South District.

What was new innovation in 7th ISD Meet was the boys scout of Bunot Elementary School carrying Philippine flag, ARMM flag and ISD flag in front of the kick-off parade from Barangay Panglima Misuari to Pasil Elementary School Stage. Secondly, the implementation of No-NSO-no-play Policy was finally complied by the 5 sports units. Thirdly, ISD achieved the theme: "SUCCESS THRU TRAINING AND PRACTICE" by conducting 5-day training for the athletes selected to compet in the SPAAM 2017 held at Sulu Provincial Sports Complex from November 5-11, 2017. Fourthly, 3 school drummers joined the ISDM 2017 for the very first time: 1. Timbangan ES; 2. Mukammali ES; and 3. Langpas Elementary School. Lastly, the Indanan Municipal Mayor, for the first time was in attendance in the Opening Program.

For this year's ISDM, Unit 4 got the Over-all Champion. It was composed of Timbangan Elementary School, Langpas Elementary School, Mukammali Elementary School, Dayuan Elementary School and Lugmah Primary School. 1st Runner Up went to Unit 1 composed of Pasil Elementary School, Cmdr. Bara Jalaidi Elementary School, Panglima Misuari Primary School, Sapah Malawm Elementary School and Sapie Primary School. 2nd Runner Up was received by Unit 2 composed of Panglima Ahajan Elementary School, Poblacion Elementary School and Manilop Elementary School. 3rd Runner Up was given to Unit 3 composed of Panglima Indanan Central School, Bunot Elementary School and Palan Elementary School.

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