Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Champion in the Division Search for Most Outstanding Teachers 2017: Anariza J. Hussam

Anariza J. Hussam, Grade 6 Adviser in Panglima Indanan Central School headed by TIC, Andrada M. Asid ranked champion in the Division Search for Most Outstanding Teachers 2017 conducted at DepED-Conference Hall from September 25-27, 2017. DepED-Sulu Division Panel recognized 5 winning participants out of 12 nominees coming from the different districts and secondary schools. 1st Runner was awarded to Jolo 3 District; 2nd Runner Up was given to Jolo 4 District; 3rd Runner Up was entitled to Jolo 1 District; and 4th Runner Up was received by Pangutaran National High School.

As traditionally observed since 2012, DepED-Sulu Division provides chairs for the Division Most Outstanding Teachers over the stage during the opening program of Sulu Provincial Athletic Association Meet (SPAAM). SPAAM is the official venue for the awarding of certificates made by the Schools Division Superintendent and would be turned-over by Provincial Governor/Vice Governor/Governor's Office Representative.

Indanan South District firstly participated in the division search in 2012. ISD got 2nd Placer in the person of Masdida M. Sarabi; Josefina S. Ajijul was also 2nd Placer in 2013; Andrada M. Asid was also one of the Division Finalists in 2014; Delda J. Amdan was another champion in 2015; and ISD was in abstention in 2016.

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