Thursday, November 16, 2017

DCP Inspection Team Validates 13 Schools for Unenergized Schools Program

Last Novembeer 13, 2017, the DepED-Sulu Computerization Program Inspection Team visited Indanan South District Office for coordination with the district head or caretaker, Nagdar U. Sasapan, TIC of Cmdr. Bara Jalaidi Elementary School, for and in the absence of PSDS Moore. The team from Tabang Sulu was headed by Albar "Boy" Adjing, Moreno Ahajan and 2 female personnel of Tabang Sulu.

As unanimously agreed in a coordination meeting with the District Caretaker and Cmdr. H-man, the joint ISD and DCP Team would start right away the visitation on November 14, 2017 targeting Timbangan Elementary School, Palan Elementary School, Dayuan Elementary School Bunot Elementary School, Lugmah Primary School, Panglima Indanan Central School, Langpas Elementary School, Manilop Elementary School and Panglima Ahajan Elementary School. The team also proceeded to Kuppong Elementary School under Indanan North District. Afterwards, the inspection/validation team reached as far as Sapie Primary School, Sapah Malawm Elementary School and Panglima Misuari Primary School.Today's visitation made the validation complete for Indanan South District identified unenergized schools.

1Timbangan Elementary SchoolMasdida M. SarabiTIC
2Palan Elementary SchoolDr. Hja. Sarah Y. HayudiniESP - I
3Dayuan Elementary SchoolDelda J. AmdanTIC
4Lugmah Primary SchoolDelda J. AmdanTIC
5Bunot Elementary SchoolJurmainna H. HundingESHT - III
6Panglima Indanan Central SchoolAndrada M. AsidTIC
7Mukammali Elementary SchoolMelda I. AdugESHT - III
8Langpas Elementary SchoolHja. Nalda J. MuksanESP - I
9Manilop Elementary SchoolKauzar I. JawangTIC
10Panglima Ahajan Elementary SchoolMussah A. ArabainESHT - III
11Panglima Misuari Primary SchoolNagdar U. SasapanTIC
12Sapah Malawm Elementary SchoolJuaisa Y. MuallamTIC
13Sapie Elementary SchoolFaijal I. AndanTIC

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