Thursday, November 30, 2017

ISD ICT Coordinator Discusses the Mode of Monthly Reports Submission

The ISD ICT Coordinator, Sharfia Mharrojheanne A. Alih was on official travel when the conference with division planning office personnel occurred last November 18, 2017. Cmdr. H-man and the Caretaker of the District represented her. Accordingly, the conference was about the submission of monthly report specifically SF4 and Form 3. It was supposedly presented by Nagdar U. Sasapan. Unfortunately, he was not around because he tried to catch up the renewal of his PRC license before CPD (Continuing Professional Development) requirement would be implemented on December 1, 2017.
Sharifa's presentation stressed that every school monthly report should be 4 copies, one to the Division Planning Office, one to the Regional Office, one to district commissioner and one file in the district office. It should be clipped in a folder for every office. District consolidation on Form 3 should be in alphabetical order.

Supersam urged every school head to designate teacher for School ICT whose signal or internet access at home is available. He encouraged every school head to advise School ICT Coordinator to upload online soft copies of SF4 and Form 3. PSDS Moore explained the beauty of bloggers site for every school like Bahingaw, Baynat, BRIDGE, Bunot ES Kasambuhan, Lawanan, Palmata, Panghimati', Rahmat, Sapah Malawm, Timbangan. District Office would access all school soft copies report in their bloggers sites for consolidation. Finally, district office may link Lawanan to the Facebook account of personnel in the Division Planning Office. Supersam committee to assist those school ICT coordinators with Sharifa to work with their bloggers sites. Sharifa and PSDS would always be ready to train school ICT whose knowledge in computer is none. PSDS Sam also motivated school heads to learn about internet connectivity though they already have learned school ICT coordinator. Sooner, school data would be uploaded and accessible online especially in Indanan South District.

Monthly SF4 and Form 3 of the school should be submitted to Sharifa; Form 48 would be to Hja. Shar-Husna C. Salim, District Coordinator on Health and Nutrition; teacher's request could be submitted to Cmdr. H-man, District Liaison Officer; and others to Supersam.

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