Thursday, November 16, 2017

ISD in SPAAM 2017 Kick-off Parade

Based on the Order of Parade in the program of SPAAM 2017, Indanan South District was in-between of Indanan North District and Notre Dame for Girls Department (Kasanyangan). However, it appeared next to Jolo Delegation due to congested assembly area and lack of committee members on parade. PSDS Moore tried to talk with Indanan North District PESS Coordinator for the proper arrangement as the parade reached Nelsan but the PESS Coordinator strongly suggested to continue the existing arrangement.

Joining the parade was teachers, athletes, parents and school drummers from Poblacion Elementary School, Bunot Elementary School and Panglima Ahajan Elementary School. ISD also formed some teachers to have vanduria attire and street dancers along the SPAAM 2017 parade in compliance with the advice of Schools Division Superintendent, Dr. Tim J. Undain-Sanchez. It was first time for the ISD to have vanduria attire during SPAAM kick-off parade.

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