Thursday, November 16, 2017

Status of ISD Athletes in SPAAM 2017

Indanan South District received only two trophies during the awarding program of SPAAM 2017 last November 11, 2015. However, it was a great recognition for the ISD when her lawn tennis girls (double) got the over-all champion title from Jolo Delegation for the first time. The players came from Kasambuhan Village Elementary School headed by Nur-aisha A. Gonzales, Elementary School Principal - I and coached by Karna H. Abdusaid. Jolo Delegation was unbeatable in lawn tennis for many years in SPAAM. Selected athletes to ARMMAA in terms of lawn tennis were always from Jolo Delegation composed of Jolo 1, Jolo 2, Jolo 3 and Jolo 4 Districts. This year's SPAAM 2017, Jolo was still over-all champion in lawn tennis boys.

The second trophy obtained by ISD was in badminton girls (double) that ranked 1st Runner Up after a championship game with Talipao District, the over-all champion in elementary level. The athletes were from Bunot Elementary School headed by Jurmainna H. Hunding, Elementary School Head Teacher - III and coached by Jurhaida A. Anam.

ISD orgnaized six sports events to SPAAM 2017 such as soccer footbal, volleyball girls, badminton boys, badminton girls, lawn tennis boys and lawn tennis girls. For the first time, the volleyball girls had a win but lost by Parang Delegation and Maimbong District. Also for the first time, the soccer football did not get trophy. It had only one win but lost by Patikul West District and Pata District. For badminton boys and lawn tennis boys had no exact report from the coaches.

For academic/literary contests, Adilisa M. Araham, Grade 5 contestant from Timbangan Elementary School headed by Masdida M. Sarabi, TIC and coached by Hadzfar S. Calbi ranked 6th Placer but Division Committee recognized only up to 5th Placer. For Filipino Declamation, the contestant from Manilop Elementary School was not able to participated on the day of the contest due to her illness at the chest as reported by the TIC, Kauzar A. Jawang. There were no updates from the coaches and chaperons of Grade 6 contest, singing contest and Lukis Bata'-Bata' if what the ranks got by those contestants.

Supersam promised every coach and player in the different sports events to give P 1, 000.00 counterpart for the beach victory party to those who would get the rank of champion. Lawn tennis girls (double) deserved for it and every player was given P 100.00 and P 200.00 for the coach. PSDS Moore would also give P 1, 000.00 to the badminton girls (double) though they did not win a champion because he did not expect the team to win due many entries coming from more than twenty districts. It made him promise to give that amount once the team would win even only a 3rd Placer. Amazingly heard, the badminton girls (double) were able to fight for championship game with Talipao District.




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