Wednesday, November 29, 2017

The Boy Scout Coordinator Speaks on the Conduct of Joint Boys and Girls Scout District Jamboree

One of the discussants in the November DLF (District Learning Forum) conducted at ISD Office last November 29, 2017 was Alnasvier I. Abduljalil, ISD Coordinator on Boys Scout. He gave updates on what he consulted with the Sulu boys and girls scout official about the possibility of the joint conduct of both boys and girls scout jamboree in the Indanan South District.

As agreed with all the school administrators of ISD, the 3-Day District Jamboree would be held in Timbangan Elementary School, Timbangan, Indanan, Sulu in January, 2018. The specified date for the schedule of the district activity would be determined later by both district and school focal persons on boys and girls scout. During DLF, the boy scout coordinator requested every school head to submit the complete name of school scout masters for boys and girls scout. It was agreed in the DLF that all school scout masters listed below would convene with district focal persons on boys and girls scout together with public schools district supervisor. they would discuss on the following topics:
  1. Date for the 3-day district jamboree
  2. Registration fee
  3. Parent consent
  4. Lecturers
  5. Program and activities
  6. Permit from the Schools Division Superintendent
  7. Collaboration of the LGU and other education stakeholders
  8. Participation in the boys scout regional jamboree at Ipil, Zamboanga Sibugay
District memorandum follows later calling all boys and girls scout masters for the conference with district focal persons on boys and girls scout.

Boys Scout MastersGirls Scout MastersSchools
Alnasvier I. AbduljalilJurhaida A. AnamBunot ES
Marjin J. MadjirulNurhana A. ArasadCmdr. Bara Jalaidi ES
Nursmia K. AjijunMerhat S. AyyubDayuan ES
Adzmier J. BibingHja. Berlinda B. GulamKasambuhan Village ES
Mussahwaldasa M. MustafaSarhina S. JawariLangpas ES
Suharto S. AlphaMarlyn A. UdokManilop ES
Shernalyn A. AlibbunMardiya A. IsduriMukammali ES
Sikar S. MawaliFerwina M ArasadPalan ES
Marites H. MadjirulEllminda A. AmilPanglima Ahajan ES
Fauzy I. JadjulieSilma J. BaklayanPanglima Indanan CS
Indira M. DassanRuhilmina U. HabirPanglima Mammah ES
Sherwin I. NuronNenita J. JalilulPasil ES
Mohammal S. AsulaJuaisa Y. MuallamSapah Malawm ES
Hadzfar S. CalbiRohelmina J. IranTimbangan ES

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