Sunday, December 31, 2017

Supersam's Big Salute to Palan ES and Those in Attendance at Rizal Day's Ceremony

At first, I was so worried without seeing any posts in Facebook coming from Indanan South District for PSDS' behalf to grace the honored ceremony for our Philippine National Hero, Dr. Jose P. Rizal. I tried to browse all the photos posted by Ma'am Chonang anticipating that ISDians would be at the back of them. I expected Ma'am Fina and Sir Fai would be their in so far as his membership in KABALIKAT to monitor any civic gathering in Jolo was concerned. 

DRRMC Prepares for the Expected Arrival of Wilma

Thank You Madam for Having Picture With My Former Boss

Present SDS Dr. Tim J. Undain-Sanchez and F
ormer SDS Ibrahim A. Albar
I can never forget the date. It was June 19, 1989 when he approved my application as substitute teacher for two months vice Ma'am Sitti Lina Asjali who filed maternity leave of absence from Timpok Primary School, Patikul District. I was fresh BEE graduate that time passing the competitive exam with a 5th rank divisionwide.

After two months, I tried to enter his noble office asking for provisional teaching position. As I entered his room before having seated, I greeted him assalamu alaykum.

"Wa alaykumus salam, would you like to be a teacher?" his instant reply. "Choose, Pata, Tongkil, Pangutaran?" he added.

I was stunned and sat down speechlessly. After some minutes, I began to respond his generous words.

"Can I have a 3-day chance for me to consult first my aged parents, Sir?" I begged of him.

Permission was granted. I used the time for consultation with my friends in DECS. Several advised me not to accept while others urged me to do it. Their opinions made me difficult to decide at once.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

How to Embed Facebook Post to Blogger Main Page

Only Facebook posts having public status may be embedded to Blogger main page. If one's Facebook posts either photos, videos and even comments, it can be embedded once the status is public. Take a look at the embedded Facebook below posted by Sapah Malawm ES in a public status. To embed means a blogger wants to appear Facebook post in his Blogger main page that will also display as post.

Please, follow the tutorial below this embedded Facebook post. . .

Ma'am Masdida M. Sarabi: Having a blog. . . exploring the world of innovation is a great experience

"Its ok sir. Worth to wait naman. Anyway, the fruit of our sacrifice is success... Having a blog, explore the world of innovation is a great experience and that is because of u..." commented by Ma'am Masdida M. Sarabi, TIC of Timbangan Elementary School in response to the reply of PSDS Moore posted in Facebook website.

There was a continuation of 1-Day District ICT LAC. It happened the following day, December 28, 2017. 

Friday, December 29, 2017

Ma'am Fina is in a Hurry to Receive Her Certificate Because She Departs for Jolo to Grace Rizal Day

Kaugnay na larawan

After receiving certificate of participation for her appearance in the 1-Day District ICT LAC at Spotweb,  4th Floor,  Minpro Mall,  Zamboanga City,  December 27,  2017,  Ma'am Fina bade farewell to Supersam.  She would depart for Jolo in preparation for Rizal Day.  PSDS Sam appreciated the reason of Ma'am Fina.  He mentioned to her that Indanan South District would always be there every Rizal Day. 

Thursday, December 28, 2017

How to Change CP No. in Your Gmail Account

CP number of Supersam is mostly registered in all Gmail Accounts of ISD schools. PSDS would like those schools change it to their respective CP numbers so that getting code demanded by Gmail is quite accessible. Those who have no time for it may text PSDS the mooment Gmail will ask them to have the confirmation code thru text.

Kindly follow thoroughly this tutorial in changing or updating your cellphone number in Gmail.

  1.        Click you profile picture on top of the right corner
      2.     Click privacy
      3.     Click my privacy or aking privacy
      4.     Click you personal information
      5.     Click the arrow opposite telephone
      6.     Click pencil logo opposite CP No.
      7.     Enter your password
      8.     Click again pencil logo
      9.     Click update the number
      10. Click inside of the CP number
      11. Edit the CP number
      12. Click Select

ISD Office Gets Your SF Reports by Clicking Your SF4 & Form 3 Menu Page: TUTORIAL

There are some Blogger Sites of Indanan South District Schools having not yet creating Menu Page for SF4 and Form 3 where their monthly reports can be LINKED from Google Drive. PSDS Sam hereby encourages those schools to have it. He or the ISD ICT Coordinator will look into it the moment district consolidation is badly needed for ASAP submission. School heads or school ICT coordinators may follow this tutorial for creating said Menu Page:

SSA Applauds Indanan South District for Their Success in the 4-Day Accreditation Seminar Workshop

In the closing ceremony last December 21, 2017, Sulu Sports Association headed by the President, Mr. Tony K. Asanji, Secondary School Principal of Indanan National High School, Allen P. Gagra, MSU-Sulu Professor, DepED-Sulu Division PESS Coordinator, Mr. Alnasir I. Said and other SSA officers, lecturers and facilitators applauded the Indanan South District participants for their success in the conduct of 4-Day District Enhancement Seminar Workshop Clinic and Accreditation for Coaching and Officiating with a theme: “PROMOTING PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND SCHOOL SPORTS: EFFECTIVE COACHING AND OFFICIATING” that was started and successfully closed at Timbangan Elementary School Gym from December 18-21, 2017.

Mr. Allen P. Gagara wholeheartedly expressed his grateful salute and significant recommendations to the Public Schools District Supervisor, Mr. Samoore S. Ladjahali for a worthwhile conduct of next Indanan South District Meet 2018 and best selection of best qualified athletes to Sulu Provincial Athletic Association Meet 2018. He vigorously suggested the adoption of 7 asides category in soccer football competition. Similarly, the other facilitators in the different sports events strongly elucidated the minimum number of players that might possibly play in basketball, volleyball and sepak takraw.

SSA ended the Joint Indanan South District-Indanan National High School Accerditation Seminar Workshop with distribution of two certificates and preparation of personal plastic identification card. One Certificate of Participation was issued to every participant and one Certificate of Membership of every participant in the Sulu Sports Association. Certificate of Recognition signed by Mr. Tony K. Asanji and Mr. Samoore S. Ladjahali was also presented to every facilitators.

The most awaited part which was the closing program lasted for half day of the 21st day of December, 2017. Before it started, an open forum took place intelligently. Critical clarifications and queries echoed noisily in Timbangan Elementary School Gym. Several participants voiced out their doubts, hesitance, confusions and other forms of questions that they would surely expect to happen in the sports competition. Mr. Tony K. Asanji was so expert in the management of open forum. Some participants almost appeared dissatisfied with the responses while others made the issues more complicated. The open forum seemed to end with unanswered interrogations decorated with argumentations. Fortunately, there were eloquent management and prominent figures who were so expert in the field of sports from the Sulu Sports Association. They made the closure most triumphant and commendable sports activity wherein the participants, facilitators and the management enjoyed the different numbers in the program led by the master of ceremony.

Impression was one of the parts that made closing ceremony more inviting to all participants. People to impress were Mrs. Delda J. Amdan, TIC of Dayuan Elementary School and Annex, Mrs. Adawiya J. Akmad, Teacher I of Panglima Mammah Elementary School and one volunteer teacher from Indnan National High School, Timbangan-Annex. They had similar feelings over their gratitude and salutation to the organizers and facilitators of the 4-Day Joint Indanan South District-Indanan National High School Accreditation Seminar Workshop that made them equipped with all the knowledge, basic skills, rules and regulations of the different sports events. They specifically mentioned the optimum time, the nearness of the venue and the affordable expenses for them to enjoy and officially grasp the activity.

Commitment entered the next number in the program. It was led by Mrs. Karna H. Abdusaid, Teacher I from Kasambuhan Village Elementary School. It seriously turned the participants to look solemn and humorless as they tried to repeat those words after Mrs. Abdusaid.

Mr. Juhnor A. Sanaani, Teacher I from Pasil Elementary School caught the attention of all facilitators when began to sound melodiously over the microphone with a common song of Rod Stewart. Unhesitantly, one of the facilitators chorused with him along every lines of the song until the end.

In the end, facilitators and offciers of SSA, as called in by the emcee did the group picture taking with different schools of Indanan South District and Indanan National High School one after the other.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Click to Check Your Name

Please, click to check your name here or scroll down all these certificates to verify the correct spelling of your name including your middle name. This will be printed in the venue where you attended the 1-Day District ICT LAC yesterday. Distribution shall be done there by Supersam and Sharifa. PSDS Sam will go there from 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM.

We'll Meet Again

This document will be printed in downtown tomorrow. Then, the two signatories will meet in the same venue for signature of this certificate. Perhaps, all participants shall be there at 2:00 PM for the distribution of this significant document. Picture taking while receiving this certificate matters most.

Printing will also be in the same place where everyone was there today. Paticipants that are expected to receive certificates are those school heads and school ICT coordinators who attended the 1-Day District ICT LAC yesterday. Their names are enumerated below the photo of this cetificate.

  1. Nur-aisha A. Gonzales
  2. Karna H. Abdusaid
  3. Josefina S. Ajijul
  4. Indira M. Dassan
  5. Masdida M. Sarabi
  6. Hadzfar S. Calbi
  7. Dr. Hja. Sarah Y. Hayudini
  8. Ferwina M. Arasad
  9. Delda J. Amdan
  10. Nursima K. Ajijun
  11. Olga I. Mohammad
  12. Jurmainna H. Hunding
  13. Alnasvier I. Abduljalil
  14. Anariza J. Hussam
  15. Alyasir A. Hussam
  16. Melda I. Adug
  17. Shernalyn A. Alibbun
  18. Hja. Nalda J. Muksan
  19. Nur-ina M. Abubakar
  20. Kauzar I. Jawang
  21. Mussah A. Arabain
  22. Marites H. Madjirul
  23. Nagdar U. Sasapan
  24. Jarna M. Ujaji
  25. Marjin J. Madjirul
  26. Faisal A. Kadil
  27. Jainab A. Nuron
  28. Juaisa Y. Muallam
  29. Mohammal S. Asula
  30. Faijal I. Andan
  31. Nurmalyn E. Jumahali
  32. Sharifa Mharrojheanne A. Alih
  33. Samoore S. Ladjahali
  34. Tony K. Asanji
  35. Teacher (INHS)

Monday, December 25, 2017

First Division Education Cluster Meeting Happens in ISD

In Indanan South District Office First Division Education Cluster Meeting happened last December 22, 2017. 

Sir Esquierdo "Quiedong" Jumadain, DepED-Sulu Division DRRMC Coordinator said, "Our meeting now is called Education Cluster Meeting. This is division level conducted here in Indanan South District. This is first time to happen in DepED-Sulu Division in response to the report submitted by Sir Faisal A. Kadil, ISD DRRMC Coordinator. We, DRRMC from division office are first time to receive report like what Sir Fai submitted."

"The highlight of this education cluster meeting is the conduct of FGD (Focused Group Discussion)" Sir Quiedong explained. "It will address to the incident happen in Mukammali and Langpas Elementary Schools based on the attached report of the two school heads forwarded by Sir Fai and noted by Sir Samoore" Division DRRMC continued.

"I have come here with all my colleagues in the Division Task Force. With me here are from Jolo I District, Tapul District, Division Office, Capual National High School. We are very fortunate to have the presence of Indanan Municipal DRRMC Officer, Ma'am Jahara. Likewise, we have invited the District Commissioner. Sir Valentino Ting and Sir Dr. Garcia B. Paradji, PSDS of Indanan North District" Sir Quiedong introduced the DRRMC officials.

"Further, I strongly suggested to have the presence of at least one PTA members from both schools, teachers and school heads. Alhamdulillah, Sir Samoore is here with ISD DRRMC Coordinator, Sir Fai" he added.

"Please, don't be shy to share with us whatever development  everyone learned about the topic or incident that caused the disruption of classes in both mentioned schools since November 20, 2017.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

It's Nowhere to Hide One's Excitement

Dr. Hja. Sarah Y. Hayudini, Principal I of Palan Elementary School
Day 1 (December 18, 2017) of the Joint ISD-Indanan NHS Accreditaiton Seminar Workshop turned participants' faces into solemn and serious. Prof. Allen P. Gagara paused his lecture on Game Diagramming and Game Sequence.

"Don't be serious!" advised the participants in a smile mode. "Sports is just a way of life" he added.

All personnel of both elementary and secondary schools were busy taking notes for the significant inputs elucidate by the eloquent lecturers.

Day 2 gathered all the teachers in Timbangan Elementary School Gym, Indanan, Sulu for a short briefing. Just right after the briefing,  little raindrops began falling down. Dispersion of the trainees was evident on the ground strolling to the senior high school building for their respective presentations of various sports events.

At lunch break in Day 2, participants' enthusiasm rose to peculiar mode. As they attentively listened to the subjects and saw the sports equipment, desire to perform practicum surfaced intensely. They could hardly wait for the schedule set by the facilitators. Practicum would be done in Day 3 as agreed by SSA officers, lecturers and facilitators. It was the reason why many teachers did an informal practicum among themselves on their fields of concentration. In the afternoon, light rain continued. Some lecturers decided to start the practicum once the rain would stop. The rain was on and off. The facilitators disliked to waste the time. Hence, they went on with their lectures more than basic.

In Day 3, foggy sky covered the whole horizon with little bit falling rain. Everyone was excited and prepared for the practicum that would be led by facilitators in various sports events. The rain almost lasted for the whole day of December 20, 2017. Timbangan Elementary School and Indanan National High School seemed no playground due to non-stop rhythm of the rain. The participants insisted for the practicum regardless of raindrops. They would be ready to get wet so long as they could perform their learning gained from the topics. The facilitators were reluctant to reject the request of the trainees until they moved all the chairs and tables to the sides of the classrooms. It was nowhere to play though the sports equipment was there. It was nowhere to perform though playground was visible outside to every trainee and facilitator. It was nowhere better place than the classrooms and corridors. 

DepED-Sulu Division PESS Coordinator Leads the Stretching Activity

In the morning of December 21, 2017, DepEd-Sulu Division PESS Coordinator, Alnasir I. Said led the accreditation participants to perform stretching inside Timbangan Elementary School Gym. It was a part of the physical fitness included as of the lectures in the training matrix prepared by Sulu Sports Association. The activity seemed so funny and interesting for all teachers of both elementary and secondary schools attended the 4-Day Joint Indanan South District-Indanan National High School Accreditation Seminar Workshop that began on December 18, 2017. Most of the participants were women. Only very few men in both elementary and secondary levels. However, all women looked as strong as the men in doing the stretching.

In Day 2 after a short briefing done by the SSA facilitators, all teachers moved out the gym towards the school ground looking for the designated classrooms of the various sports events. The trainees filled up all classrooms in both second floor and ground floor of the senior high school building of Indanan National High School, Timbangan-Annex. All sports events had almost equal number of participants coming from eighteen schools of Indanan South District and three campuses of Indanan National High School. Thus, the SSA lecturers felt so motivated to expound the knowledge, basic skills and rules and regulations of the games.

In Day 3, lectures continued until midday. In the afternoon, practicum for every sports event occurred. The school playground of Timbangan Elementary School ran short of space that was why some sports events conducted practicum inside the classrooms. Classroom teachers and school heads were excited to do the practicum even though it was raining.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

In Response to Mukammali-Langpas ES Incident

December, 21, 2017, Thursday, Indanan South District Office, Km., Kajatian, Indanan, Sulu - Esquierdo Jumadain, DepED-Sulu Division DRRMC Coordinator visited Indana South District Office this afternoon while Supersam was still with the participants in Closing Program of the 4-Day District Seminar/Workshop Clinic and Accreditation for Coaching and Officiating at Timbangan Elementary School. PSDS Moore with Faisal A. Kadil, District DRRMC Coordinator, Faijal I. Andan, TIC of Sapie Primary School and Marjin "Cmdr. H-man" J. Madjirul arrived in the district office past 3:00 PM. Supersam and his company had the intention to directly go to the coffee shop when Division DRRMC Coordinator went out of the Indanan North District Office to meet the ISD team.

In the coffee shop, Esquierdo Jumadain presented the Division Memo in response to the ISD DRRMC report submitted to the Division Office concerning Mukammali-Langpas ES Incident. After coffee break, PSDS Sam led Esquierdo to the ISD Office where dialogue was finalized. Both agreed to have FGD in the District Office tomorrow, December 22, 2017 at exactly 2:00 PM. Earnestly required to attend are the two school heads of Mukammali and Langpas ES, ISD DRRMC and EiE team. Supersam designated Faisal A. Kadil as his proxy in so far as his meeting at the Municipal Office, Pasil, Indanan, Sulu with the same schedule is concerned. At least, one PTA member of both schools are needed with teachers.

Mr. Jumadain also reported that he had already invited the Municipal DRRMO to be in the FGD (Focal Group Discussion).

When PSDS Sam opened his Facebook at home, he came across the following chat message from Mr. Jumadain:

Salam sir samoore... Un response to your report... The eoc comittee of the division will conduct meeting you, all teachers of affected schools and school drr and dist drr. With the mdrrmo and dswd and chiefof police of indanan. This will be held un your district office, for your comment

Salam sir awn order sin division to conduct fgd at your district office tomorow 2pm particpanrs teachers of affected school. Ptca, school head and drrm dist. And psds... Pls reply

Monday, December 18, 2017

First Day Looks Lacking Moments for Sir Allen

Today, December 18, 2017 at Timbangan Elementary School firstly happened the Indnan South District Accreditation Workshop with a theme: "PROMOTING PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND SCHOOL SPORTS: EFFECTIVE COACHING AND OFFICIATING" conducted by Sulu Sports Association for both elementary and secondary school teachers headed by Tony K. Asanji, Secondary School Principal at the same time President of the SSA.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

How to Embed and Link Your File in Drive to Blog Post

Supersam is so proud to share to all DOC Liners what he learned about embedding, linking and making one's file in Drive public status. It evidently appears in Blogger post or in any one's website. Likewise, it is clearly visible when it is shared to Facebook. This tutorial is posted, first and foremost, for the benefits and consumption of his school heads and school ICT coordinators and many other viewers who visited LAWANAN, the official Blog title of Indanan South District Publication.

How to Embed File in Google Drive to Blog Post
(If you're not logging in Gmail or Blogger.)

1. Type on search bar,
2. Click 'go to Google Drive.
3. Log in with your Gmail Account.
4. Right click your file.
5. Click preview.
6. Click the 3-dotted vertical line on top of the right corner.
7. Click open in new window.
8. Click embed.
9. Copy the html code inside the bar.
10. Go to your Blogger post.
11. Click new post.
12. Put the cursor inside the blank post page.
13. Press enter on your keyboard to have at least 3 spaces downward.
14. Open html on the left corner near compose.
15. Paste the html code you copied from Drive.
16. Click compose.

How to Link Your File in Drive to Your Blog Post

1. Right click your file.
2. Click 'share'.
3. Copy the link.
4. Go to your Blog post.
5. Highlight the text where you want to link your file.
6. Click 'link' on top.
7. Paste the link you copied from Drive.
8. Ok.

Be sure your file in Drive is in Public so that viewers may access it.

1. Right click your file in Drive.
2. Click 'advanced'.
3. Click 'change'.
4. Check or click the circle logo for 'public'.
5. Click done.

Fund-raising Activity for Marawi Brigada Eskwela is Pursuant to RM No. 294 s. 2017

This has reference to the text message sent to the undersigned by the Schools Division Superintendent of DepED-Sulul last November 30, 2017 at 2:03 PM mentioning Regional Memorandum No. 294 s. 2017 which is not in our office record. In addition, there was no specific date of deadline stated in the text message for the transmission of our financial donation to said activity.

DepED-Sulu Nominees are on Their Way to Regional Search 2017

DepED-Sulu Division under the stewardship of Dr. Tim J. Undain-Sanchez, FRIEdr, Schools Division Superintendent has completely sent division nominees in the different categories to the Regional Search for Bangsamoro Most Outstanding: 1. Supervisor; 2. Secondary School Principal; 3. Elementary School Principal; 4. Secondary School Teacher; and 4. Elementary Classroom Teacher 2017.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

ARMMazing Latest 'Good News': MOOE

DO 13, s. 2016 "Pagka sin kimugdan, hallii in di' kumugdan." It is so great legacy of DepED-ARMM for her entire schools under Bureau of Elementary Education which was not implemented by those previous officials sitting on the different chairs in DepED-ARMM offices including the Regional Government.

Correct Me If I am Wrong: No More Paskuhan sa Paaralan in ARMM

Way back 90's when I was just a classroom teacher under the administration of Siladjan J. Jamiri, the Principal of Panglima Indanan Central School, I would always prepare my Grade VI - B pupils for the celebration Christmas, the so-called Christmas Party before the end of school days in the month of December. Later, the principal advised us all teachers of PICS not to anymore celebrate Christmas in the school. Christmas party was no longer required by DECS among students and teachers before they would depart for 15-day vacation.

RA 7079: Campus Journalism

This is the legal basis for the development and promotion of Campus Journalism in all public elementary and secondary schools of the Department of Education. At the last paragraph below of this RA: 7079, there appears DepED Order No. 47 s. 2010 and the latest DepED Memorandum No. 200 s. 2017.

Republic of the Philippines

Congress of the Philippines

Metro Manila
Eighth Congress

New Form 3 Template

This revised Form 3 Template contains 3 columns at the last intended for Summary of Personnel that aids us to prepare district consolidation more easily. It is already formatted in Microsoft excel with formula. There are some entries need edition specifically the name of the school and reduction or addition of rows. You can change the left logo to suit your school logo.

Corrigendum to District Memorandum No. 11 s. 2017

This District Memorandum No. 13 s. 2017 dated December 15, 2017 provides correction to Paragraph 2 under letter B and C of District Memorandum No. 11 s. 2017. This correction was based on the decision made in the meeting with all school heads at Indanan South District Office last Thursday afternoon, December 14, 2017.

TIC and Her Teacher Take 2017 Principals' Test: PICS

Andradda M. Asid, TIC of Panglima Indanan Central School successfully applied and met all the requirements for 2017 Principals' Test that would be administered nationwide by December 17, 2017. It seldom happens in most of the schools where both school head and her teacher take competitive Principals' Examination at the same time. It's such an amazing staff development of Panglima Indanan Central School.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Ziz Validates Unserved Barangay Lambayong and Barangay Katian

PATHWAYS Field Coordinator, Zizwinhar Jupli accompanied by Supersam and Langpas Elementary School teachers last December 14, 2017 personally stepped on the Barangay Hall of Lambayong and Katian, Indanan, Sulu. She aimed to personally dialogue with both barangay officials over the necessary data for assessment why their barangays  are unserved.

Corrigendum to District Memorandum No. 08 s. 2017

This District Memorandum No. 12 s. 2017 has reference to the confirmation made by the President of Sulu Sports Association, Tony K. Asanji, Principal of Indanan National High School after GAD (Gender And Development) session at DepED Conference Hall this morning, December 15, 2017.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Unconsciously Shooting Two Birds with One Pebble

PSDS Moore stepped down from his house ot his ISD Office with full intention that he and Ziz would be going as far as Barangay Manggis, Barangay Kabbunmaas, Barangay Lambayong and Barangay Katian today. After being seated on his chair, Ziz of Pathways entered saying, "Shall we go, Sir"

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

I Hope for Your Success in Principal's Test

It is an Examinee Number of Hja. Sandra G. Hedisin, Girls Scout Coordinator and Teacher I of Panglima Indanan Central School headed by TIC, Andrada M. Asid. Supersam took picture of her packed examinee number as a manifestation of his appreciation for at least there is 1 personnel taking the forthcoming Principal's Test.

PATHWAYS to Unserved, Less-served, Under-served, and Served Barangays

It's Ma'am Zizwinhar "Ziz" Jupli of those days walking along the line of light which was the BEAM put on by Ma'am Ina Aquino. Out of that light that was already put off emerged the PATHWAYS towards 4 categories of barangays in the ARMM. She presented to Supersam last Tuesday morning, December 12, 2017 the complete list and names of barangays covered by Indanan South District completely having Unserved, Less-served, Under-served and Served category.

Supersam Salutes Mukammali ES Teachers Observing Education in Emergency

Based on the Facebook post of Melda I. Adug, Head Teacher III of Mukammali Elementary School, Supersam firmly believes in the genuine conviction of Mukammali ES teachers that education is the only life-saving and life-protecting factors for the preservation of saying that youth is the hope of fatherland. Disruption of classes in their campus until unknown date is due to treacherous situation that possibly makes Mukammali ES prone to battlefield anytime. The main reason is the day-to-day harrassment of both warring parties residing the vicinity of Langpas ES and Mukammali ES.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Cityinn vs Spotweb: Venue for ICT LAC

In the afternoon of December 11, 2017 Supersam inquired Cityinn Hotel font desk lady if there were computer gadgets available to serve the 38 pax participating in the 1-Day ISD ICT LAC for all school heads and school ICT coordinators. It was none. PSDS Moore canvassed how much the financial charge if ISD participants would just use the session hall as the venue of their Learning Action Cell for Information Communication Technology of Indanan South District.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

BSP-GSP Scout Masters Plan for the Conduct of District Jamboree

On December 8, 2017, Friday afternoon, Hja. Sandra G. Hedisin, GSP (Girsl Scout of the Philippines) District Coordinator and Alnasivr I. Abduljalil, BSP (Boys Scout of the Philippines) District Coordinator gathered all the BSP-GSP scout masters coming from 15 elementary schools of Indanan South District for a special meeting in the ISD Office.

List and Names of Nationally-funded Personnel

No.First NameM.I.      FamilyNameSchools
1AbdulmunapH.AradaPoblacion ES
2AdawiyaJ.AkmadPanglima Mammah ES
3AdjuraM.UssamPasil ES
4AdzmierJ.BibingKasambuhan Village ES
5AidaP.EspilinMukammali ES
6AlnasvierI.AbduljalilBunot ES

7AlyasirA.HussamPoblacion ES
8AnangkaslaA.DarkisPasil ES
9AnarizaJ.HussamPanglima Indanan CS
10AndradaM.AsidPanglima Indanan CS
11AnnadzmaJ.AdongPanglima Indanan CS
12AnnoraG.SayadiPalan ES
13AyangM.UjajiPoblacion ES
14Baby-AnnH.BassalPalan ES

BartazarA.Abdurahman                   Pangutaran District
15DarwinaS.HalimPanglima Mammah ES
16DeldaA.JamiriKasambuhan Village ES
17EdrifezaL.AbduaPasil ES
18ElnoraI.LastamPanglima Ahajan ES
19EmraidaA.IndasanPanglima Mammah ES
20FaijalI.AndanPanglima Mammah ES
21FaisalA.KadilPasil ES
22FauzyI.JadjuliPanglima Indanan CS
23FerwinaM.ArasadPalan ES
24Hadida M.UjajiPasil ES
25HadzfarS.CalbiTimbangan ES
26HamirP.HalidKasambuhan Village ES
27Hja. AnangH.AhajanPanglima Ahajan ES
28Hja. ArumanaM.Abdul-AzizKasambuhan Village ES
29Hja. BerlindaB.GulamPanglima Mammah ES
30Hja. ElsieS.AnamBunot ES
31Hja. HatidjaH.AbalPanglima Ahajan ES

Hja. JuanitaU.IsnainSPED
32Hja. JubaiyaS.DamlaniTimbangan ES
33Hja. NaldaJ.MuksanLangpas ES
34Hja. PaksahS.GadjaliPanglima Mammah ES
35Hja. RadzmaH.AmilasanPoblacion ES
36Hja. RukaidaB.AbdurajadPanglima Ahajan ES
37Hja. SandraG.HedisinPanglima Indanan CS
38Hja. SarahY.HayudiniPalan ES
39Hja. Shar-HusnaC.SalimKasambuhan Village ES

Hja. SherilynI.TajiDIVISION
40Hja. ShermahalA.KaliLangpas ES
41Hji. JahaddiJ.TaulaniPanglima Mammah ES
42Hji. MurphyB.ImmidALS
43IndiraM.DassanPanglima Mammah ES
44IntanH.JandulMukammali ES
45IsnirajaI.AllamaPasil ES
46JainabA.AmilPasil ES
47JainulA.AhajanPanglima Ahajan ES

48JosefinaS.AjijulPanglima Mammah ES
49Juaisa Y.MuallamPalan ES
50JuhnorA.SanaaniPasil ES
51JurhaidaA.AnamBunot ES
52JurmainnaH.HundingBunot ES
53KarnaH.AbdusaidKasambuhan Village ES
54KatrinaA.JulkiramPoblacion ES
55KauzarI.JawangPasil ES
56KennedyC.AidilIDS Office

57LangkaA.PalahuddinLugmah PS
58MairanA.IdirisTimbangan ES
59MardiyaA.IsduriMukammali ES
60MaritesH.MadjirulPanglima Ahajan ES
61MarjinJ.MadjirulCmdr. Bara Jalaidi PS
62MarleneN.JadjuliKasambuhan Village ES
63MarwaM.NasangPalan ES
64MasdidaM. SarabiTimbangan ES
65MelbaV.KadilPanglima Mammah ES
67MeldaI.AdugMukammali ES
68MeldaA.Jul-asiriPanglima Indanan CS
69MercilynM.NamliKasambuhan Village ES
70MerhaA.SappayniPanglima Ahajan ES
71MerilynH.MoharraniPalan ES
72MerlynA.SaradiPanglima Mammah ES
73MohammalS.AsulaSapah Malawm PS

MurhanaS.AlamiaSahaya Integrated Madrasha
74MussahA.ArabainPanglima Ahajan ES
75Mussah HelenI.AskaliPoblacion ES
76MussahwaldasaM.MustafaLangpas ES
77NagdarA.SasapanPasil ES
78NaserL.AssilKasambuhan Village ES
79NasserH.MammahPanglima Mammah ES

80NenaS.JamhariTimbangan ES
81NenitaJ.JalilulPasil ES
82NoralynH.AbdulmajidPasil ES
83NorhelynJ.AwaliPoblacion ES
84NuradalA.RabbayaniManilop PS
85Nur-aisha A.GonzalesKasambuhan Village ES
86NurhimaA.IbnoMukammali ES
87NurhinaR.AkmadTimbangan ES
88Nur-inaM.AbubakarLangpas ES
89Nurisa J.AbdulkabirPasil ES
90Nurjaina F.YusopSapie PS
91NurjimaA.MajumBunot ES
92NurminaD.AbdurajidPasil ES
93NurminaK.JulpaPanglima Mammah ES
94NursaS.SahibulDayuan PS
95NursiyaH.TagayanPasil ES
96RakagA.MisuariLangpas ES
97RohelminaJ.IranTimbangan ES

98RuhilminaU.HabirPanglima Mammah ES
99RujiaR.AhadonPoblacion ES
100     SahayaM.KastiriLangpas ES
101SamooreS.LadjahaliISD Office
102SapiaH.LadjaananLangpas ES
103Sarhina S.JawariLangpas ES
104SaridiM.MalikiTimbangan ES
105SatraA.MohammadKasambuhan Village ES
106SchennymarS.BandahPoblacion ES
107Sharifa Mharrojheanne  A.AlihPoblacion ES
108ShermahalL.JainalPanglima Indanan CS
109ShermaharL.JundamPanglima Mammah ES
110ShermalynA.MustadiTimbangan ES
111ShernalynA.AlibbunMukammali ES
112SherwinaJ.MuksanMukammali ES
113SikarS.MawaliPalan ES
114SilmaJ.BaklayanPanglima Indanan CS
115SnookyB.AbubakarPanglima Ahajan ES
116WeljendraK.KasimPanglima Ahajan ES

Palan ES Personnel

No.Name of PersonnelGenderPositionStatusEducational Qualification
    1    Baby-Ann H. BassalFemale   Teacher I        Regular Permanent     BEE
2Ferwina M. ArasadFemaleTeacher IRegular PermanentMAED
3Marwa M. NasangFemaleTeacher IRegular PermanentBEE
4Merilyn H. MoharraniFemaleTeacher IRegular PermanentBEE
5Hji. Murphy B. ImmidFemaleTeacher IRegular PermanentBEE
6Noralyn H. AbdulmajidFemaleTeacher IIIRegular PermanentBEE
7Sikar S. MawaliMaleTeacher IRegular PermanentMAED
8Dr. Hja. Sarah Y. Hayudini   FemalePrincipal IRegular PermanentED.D.

Timbangan Elementary School Personnel

No.Name of PersonnelGenderPositionStatusEducational Qualification
1Annora G. SayadiFemale  Teacher IProvisionalBEE
2Hadzfar S. CalbiFemaleTeacher IRegular Permanent   BEE
3Hja. Jubaiya S. Damlani   FemalePHN IIRegular PermanentBSN
4Mairan A. IdirisFemaleTeacher IRegular PermanentBEE
5Nena S. JamhariFemaleTeacher IRegular PermanentBEE
6Nurhina R. AkmadFemaleTeacher IRegular PermanentBEE
7Rohelmina J. IranFemaleTeacher IRegular PermanentBEE
8Saridi M. MalikiMaleTeacher IProvisionalBEE
9Shermalyn A. MustadiFemaleTeacher IProvisionalBEE
10Masdida M. SarabiFemaleTeacher II/TICRegular PermanentMAED

Panglima Mammah ES Personnel

No.Name of PersonnelGenderPositionStatusEducational Qualification
1Adawiya J. AkmadFemaleTeacher IRegular PermanentBEE
2Darwina S. HalimFemaleTeacher IRegular PermanentBEE
  3         Embraida A IndasanFemaleTeacher IRegular PermanentBEE
4Hja. Juanita U. IsnainFemaleTeacher IIRegular PermanentBEE
5Hja. Paksah S. GadjaliFemaleTeacher IRegular PermanentBEE
6Indira M. DassanFemaleTeacher IRegular PermanentBEE
7Hji. Jahaddi J. Taulani FemaleTeacher IRegular PermanentBEE
8Melba V. KadilFemaleTeacher IRegular PermanentBEE
9Merlyn A. SaradiFemaleTeacher IRegular PermanentBEE
10Nasser H. MammahMaleTeacher IRegular PermanentBEE
11Natalyn S. QueFemalePHN IIRegular PermanentBSN
12Nurmina K. JulpaFemaleTeacher IRegular PermanentBEE
13Rasheema T. KadilFemalePHN IRegular PermanentBSN
14Ruhilmina U. HabirFemaleTeacher IRegular PermanentBEE
15Shermahar L. JundamFemaleTeacher IRegular PermanentBEE
16Josefina S. AjijulFemaleMT-I/TICRegular PermanentMAED Units