Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Cityinn vs Spotweb: Venue for ICT LAC

In the afternoon of December 11, 2017 Supersam inquired Cityinn Hotel font desk lady if there were computer gadgets available to serve the 38 pax participating in the 1-Day ISD ICT LAC for all school heads and school ICT coordinators. It was none. PSDS Moore canvassed how much the financial charge if ISD participants would just use the session hall as the venue of their Learning Action Cell for Information Communication Technology of Indanan South District.

Front Desk Lady of the Cityinn Hotel, Zamboanga City computed P 420.00 per head for 1 lunch and 2 snacks. The accommodation time would be from 8:00 in the morning until 5:00 in the afternoon. If time goes beyond, P 500.00 per hour shall be added to the total payment of the entire pax. There is available projector in Cityinn Hotel but P 500.00 per day is charged to the entire participants. If any participant plans to check in, it is a separate story from the given financial payment. Brochure for the room payment given by the front desk lady was misplaced by Sir Sam.

He tried to canvass some internet computer shop where he found Spotweb in the last floor of Mindpro having 35 available gadgets. As he talked with Lady In-Charge of the Spotweb, charging is P 20.00 per hour starting from 9:00 in the morning until 7:00 in the evening. It is 10-hour duration. Understandably, per head is charged P 200.00. There is no free lunch nor free snacks. There is no available projector and there is no space for presentation.

In the morning of December 12, 2017, Supersam sent group text message to all school heads but some school heads failed to receive the mobile info for the conduct of meeting in the afternoon of the same day. Agenda of the meeting were highlighted with the decision over the 2 venues of the ICT LAC. ICT LAC was actually scheduled on January 5-6, 2018. However, some suggested to have it during the 15-day vacation of December, 2017. Sir Moore decided to have votation among school heads present in the meeting. They were Masdida M. Sarabi, Jurmainna H. Hunding, Josefina S. Ajijul, Kauzar I. Jawang, Delda J. Amdan, Faisal A. Kadil, Cmdr. H-man, Nagdar U. Sasapan, Hamir P. Halid and Dr. Hja. Sarah Y. Hayudini who was excused because she got wet due to heavy rain as she went along her way home with her teachers from school.

The majority suggested not to have anymore votation but they agreed to conduct ICT LAC at Cityinn Hotel on December 27, 2017. As finally agreed, there should only be 1 topic focusing on ICT. Other topics like child protection policy, guidance counselling, planning and child-friendly teaching methodology would be taken up in the next month's DLF.

Text messages from SDS relative to fund-raising activity intended for Marawi Brigada Eskwela were also discussed. The decision made for the deadline of the remittance to the Division office would be on March 29, 2018 in so far as usual conduct of Brigada Eskwela on May is concerned.

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