Monday, December 25, 2017

First Division Education Cluster Meeting Happens in ISD

In Indanan South District Office First Division Education Cluster Meeting happened last December 22, 2017. 

Sir Esquierdo "Quiedong" Jumadain, DepED-Sulu Division DRRMC Coordinator said, "Our meeting now is called Education Cluster Meeting. This is division level conducted here in Indanan South District. This is first time to happen in DepED-Sulu Division in response to the report submitted by Sir Faisal A. Kadil, ISD DRRMC Coordinator. We, DRRMC from division office are first time to receive report like what Sir Fai submitted."

"The highlight of this education cluster meeting is the conduct of FGD (Focused Group Discussion)" Sir Quiedong explained. "It will address to the incident happen in Mukammali and Langpas Elementary Schools based on the attached report of the two school heads forwarded by Sir Fai and noted by Sir Samoore" Division DRRMC continued.

"I have come here with all my colleagues in the Division Task Force. With me here are from Jolo I District, Tapul District, Division Office, Capual National High School. We are very fortunate to have the presence of Indanan Municipal DRRMC Officer, Ma'am Jahara. Likewise, we have invited the District Commissioner. Sir Valentino Ting and Sir Dr. Garcia B. Paradji, PSDS of Indanan North District" Sir Quiedong introduced the DRRMC officials.

"Further, I strongly suggested to have the presence of at least one PTA members from both schools, teachers and school heads. Alhamdulillah, Sir Samoore is here with ISD DRRMC Coordinator, Sir Fai" he added.

"Please, don't be shy to share with us whatever development  everyone learned about the topic or incident that caused the disruption of classes in both mentioned schools since November 20, 2017.

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