Thursday, December 28, 2017

How to Change CP No. in Your Gmail Account

CP number of Supersam is mostly registered in all Gmail Accounts of ISD schools. PSDS would like those schools change it to their respective CP numbers so that getting code demanded by Gmail is quite accessible. Those who have no time for it may text PSDS the mooment Gmail will ask them to have the confirmation code thru text.

Kindly follow thoroughly this tutorial in changing or updating your cellphone number in Gmail.

  1.        Click you profile picture on top of the right corner
      2.     Click privacy
      3.     Click my privacy or aking privacy
      4.     Click you personal information
      5.     Click the arrow opposite telephone
      6.     Click pencil logo opposite CP No.
      7.     Enter your password
      8.     Click again pencil logo
      9.     Click update the number
      10. Click inside of the CP number
      11. Edit the CP number
      12. Click Select

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