Sunday, December 17, 2017

How to Embed and Link Your File in Drive to Blog Post

Supersam is so proud to share to all DOC Liners what he learned about embedding, linking and making one's file in Drive public status. It evidently appears in Blogger post or in any one's website. Likewise, it is clearly visible when it is shared to Facebook. This tutorial is posted, first and foremost, for the benefits and consumption of his school heads and school ICT coordinators and many other viewers who visited LAWANAN, the official Blog title of Indanan South District Publication.

How to Embed File in Google Drive to Blog Post
(If you're not logging in Gmail or Blogger.)

1. Type on search bar,
2. Click 'go to Google Drive.
3. Log in with your Gmail Account.
4. Right click your file.
5. Click preview.
6. Click the 3-dotted vertical line on top of the right corner.
7. Click open in new window.
8. Click embed.
9. Copy the html code inside the bar.
10. Go to your Blogger post.
11. Click new post.
12. Put the cursor inside the blank post page.
13. Press enter on your keyboard to have at least 3 spaces downward.
14. Open html on the left corner near compose.
15. Paste the html code you copied from Drive.
16. Click compose.

How to Link Your File in Drive to Your Blog Post

1. Right click your file.
2. Click 'share'.
3. Copy the link.
4. Go to your Blog post.
5. Highlight the text where you want to link your file.
6. Click 'link' on top.
7. Paste the link you copied from Drive.
8. Ok.

Be sure your file in Drive is in Public so that viewers may access it.

1. Right click your file in Drive.
2. Click 'advanced'.
3. Click 'change'.
4. Check or click the circle logo for 'public'.
5. Click done.

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