Saturday, December 30, 2017

How to Embed Facebook Post to Blogger Main Page

Only Facebook posts having public status may be embedded to Blogger main page. If one's Facebook posts either photos, videos and even comments, it can be embedded once the status is public. Take a look at the embedded Facebook below posted by Sapah Malawm ES in a public status. To embed means a blogger wants to appear Facebook post in his Blogger main page that will also display as post.

Please, follow the tutorial below this embedded Facebook post. . .

  1. Log in to your Facebook
  2. Search the above-embedded Facebook post of Sapah Malawm ES or any post with public status. An indication of public post is having globe logo under the name of a person who posted it
  3. Click the 3 dots on top of the right corner of the post
  4. Click embed. If it is hidden, click options
  5. Click inside the box where the code is stored
  6. Right click the code and copy
  7. Go to your Blogger post main page
  8. Click HTML
  9. Right click and paste inside the post page
  10. Click compose

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